BTS Fans Suspected of Spreading Rumors to Tarnish Ahn Bo Hyun’s Reputation

Following Ahn Bo Hyun’s announcement of dating BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, a wave of rumors has engulfed social media, seemingly driven by BTS fans. Deliberate and targeted, these rumors have accused Ahn Bo Hyun of supporting controversial ideologies, specifically incel culture, and have alleged that he made insensitive remarks about the tragic Sewol ferry incident. Furthermore, there are claims that he actively opposes feminism, leading to intense speculation and heated discussions within the K-pop community. While it’s crucial to treat such rumors with skepticism and conduct thorough fact-checking, it appears that BTS fans may be intentionally spreading these unfounded claims to tarnish Ahn Bo Hyun’s reputation amidst the revelation of his relationship with Jisoo.