BTS got #1 on Melon Top 100 fastest in history, followed by NewJeans

Wow, BTS got #1 on Melon Top 100 fastest in history, followed by NewJeans

BTS got 1st place in 1 hour, NewJeans got 1st place in 2 hours

1. Wow daebak

2. Which song is by BTS? -> Yet To Come

3. NewJeans is still a rookie group, but they’re crazy

4. Both are awesome…

5. Both are under HYBE

6. NewJeans is really the public’s pick

7. NewJeans is daebak ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I’m looking forward to the title song

8. 5 months after debut, crazy

9. HYBE must be so happy

10. I still can’t believe it.. NewJeans is crazy

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Teenaged puppy

The only gg I won’t slander. Congrats to both

Dot Com

Leading d way with actual music n not noise. We stan


Hybe got the best musical sound. BTS leading the way as usual tho


Kinda off topic… Will big hit ever debut their very own gg again?? Not that I’ll stan them, just would like some girls in the company.


I don’t think they will do it but technically I think the closest you can get to a BH gg will be Lesserafim I guess . Bang PD the one who involves the most in their albums , some of BH staffs working with lsfm


Bighit isn’t even debuting groups like crazy, at this point it would be a surprise if they announce a group in the next four years


If I were part of a 4th gen group, either female or male, I would be concerned.




korean public love spring day by bts so much, but amazingly every single new jeans releases somehow almost reach how beautiful and good spring day. im rooting for new jeans, their music are piece of arts


Following no rules or formulas, and still killing the game. NewJeans are here to slay. We’re getting legendary artists from HYBE. I hope the management will be decent to these talented groups, for real.


Hybe definitely has its faults but for the most part I think they’re pretty decent with their artists.


The group is wildly successful it’s amazing. Ditto is a pre-release and yet it already has the 2nd highest ULs on Melon this year, one of the only 4 groups whose song immediately debuted straight at #1 on the Melon Daily Chart this DECADE. Only 3 other groups managed to do it: BTS, BP and BB. Hybe really went from having 0 ggs to having some of the most successful ones this generation.

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