BTS J-Hope fans get mad at Big Hit and HYBE for not promoting his solo single properly

“BTS J-Hope’s new song coming soon”… Big Hit Music’s lack of sincerity in promotion makes global fans angry

While BTS’ J-Hope announced the release of his solo single ahead of his enlistment, fans’ discontent over the company’s promotions erupted

On SNS Twitter on the 28th, J-Hope’s fans protested with the #GiveJhopeADigitalStore tag “Let’s open digital store” for HYBE and Big Hit Music

1. Big Hit Music is so bad, they don’t have the manpower, they don’t work, they really don’t know what they’re doing

2. Pre-orders are open, so stop fighting

3. Big Hit always makes fans angry

4. Honestly, I feel like HYBE doesn’t care about BTS’ solo..

5. Seriously, discrimination within the same group is the most serious

6. The fans must be disappointed, it’s HYBE’s fault

7. It’s like a gift, so they don’t seem to care about promotions or points

8. Artists don’t care about points, but the company should care, they don’t even do basic things like this

9. The fans fight every day because HYBE doesn’t work properly

10. Isn’t this the pre-order??

11. I’m tired of this fandomㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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Bighit solos are so dramatic. I remember they got mad at Bighit for favoritism when they didn’t post a vlog or links about Taehyung going to modeling shows, when the entire reason for this is that the BTS management team that handles their socials never posts those videos or links.


They never posted about it before, but suddenly it’s their co label group’s problem because they have a better management team than BTS? Shouldn’t you be angry at the management team that handles BTS socials? Since they’re so useless and uncooperative? Not doing what the fans want?


They now posting about Jinnys kitchen on insta n twitter. I guess its because BTS social media team being lazy before this. Sometimes, bighit deserve criticisms. No, i am not solos. I just care about all members.


Like they only post about the members’ solo activities that are like variety shows etc only on the day of the actual show happened ☠️ at least rt some tweets from the official accounts of those shows , feels like they all rely on fans/fanbases to spread the word instead since we’re a big fandom


Even for Jinnys Kitchen it’s still the least thing someone can do. The show have tons of teasers but bighit only did bare minimum by posting an hour or two before the show airs. Who does promotion like that?😭 The staff is so lazy


Shut up company stan. Hope that fat sihyuk die miserably

K army

BIGHIT really neglecting BTS solo members activities they totally deserve that criticism


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WhatsThe Point


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Jhope solo stan is the most annoying in chapter 2 so far. FUCKING USELESS! They boycott jhope album and have a nerve to twist jhope words (I’m talking about his documentary).


How is asking link for digital store is solo move? They can provide digital store for others except JHOPE. They provide at least 1 week before release date but none for MORE and only 2 day before the END of JITB tracking weeks. Stop defending that useless company

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idk I think in this context they are right to complain tho about the digital stores for on the street


We are talking about distribution not artistic work. Then, can you explain why jhope want his merch and album doesnt have bts tag/name? Why he want his discography not included in official website? Why he want his mv to be not included in fb/other page? Why he didnt want army to order his song from online store? Why he want to ship his album late? Why? Please tell me why? Why astronaut and indigo doenst have that problem? And those problem are solved after true ot7 and solo stan complained to that bigshit. Company stans like you should are the one who is sabotaging his work and busy licking that useless company ass


Army are more useless. They’re busy streaming fake love and ignore the new release..jitb, astronaut and indigo. They only stream arson during hobi birthday and then forgetting that song. The proof are during jk’s live. They mixed up more and arson lol. They are trying so hard by saying this 2 song sounds the same.


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You must be one of the fake ot7 that mix up more and arson lol. You’re probably cry that jhope will not be able to post abt other member more than you care abt his work. Go fuck yourself. He didnt even show off that weverse album and only show off his jitb vinyl. Lets see his work after he gonna do that weverse album or normal album..


Seeing you, I get it how she said Jhope’s solos are annoying. You just proved your level. So fcking low


Aww you feel annoyed bcuz this proved army are useless hehehhe. Comp stans are getting annoyed jahahahahaha. Their bigshit comp are unprofessional and greedy. Army are okay with this since their fav are bigshit fav


Solo are the one who is streaming the song. The proof are spotify stream. Those army only stream for maximum 3 weeks and will use that achievement for fan wars lol


8. Artists don’t care about points, but the company should care, they don’t even do basic things like this

I actually agree with this. I definitely feel this time on the street jhope really dont care as much charting n more as a gift. But bighit still need to provide basic things like digital store. I saw they just posted about digital store. Not sure its because they saw complains or not. Anyway, i hope bighit keep same energy of jimin album roll out with other members(suga, jungkook, V)) as well. Those basic things like shipping first week, digital store, 1month pre order, Cd single. I know not all members want to do fancall event, music shows. So, that one its fine. Just bighit, atleast provide basic things that i listed.


Company stan will say that jhope doesnt want that basic things


They’re only doing it for Jimin’s album because Jimin slept with the CEO


These comparisons between members’ promotions are weird to me.
Most Armys are fine, but some “fans” (I don’t want to call them Armys) honestly seem to be bitter about the fact that Jimin requested for his album to be promoted the way it is being promoted. Some of you are making it seem like as if Bighit is giving Jimin everything, while not making the same efforts for others. Suga, V and Jungkook’s album are not even out yet and some people are already being doubtful of the fact whether Bighit is going to support their albums properly.

The main point is that the members are the ones who choose how to promote their releases. J-hope literally stated in his documentary that he felt sad about the fact that fans were complaining about his promotion methods. While the members do not handle everything themselves, they have personally stated that they do what they want to do.


imo the members themselves probably ask for the type of album roll out that they had. I’m gonna get downvoted, but Jimin always seemed the most desperate for validation. I’m not surprised he’s going hard with the promotions for his album.

seungri is free

No one cares about jhorse aka jflop aka jhopeless 🙂


Blonk like you care so much lol

bts army7263

it’s like hybe is setting up the bts’s solos. if they are, it’s not working!! outselling every korean soloist


They want to show to shareholder that they dont need bts. Funny how hybe money is still 60% from bts. They’re using this money for other artist except for bts. Comp stan will never get it



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Company stans and solo stan are fighting lol. But I hate comp stans more. Solo stan are useful sometime (still hate them). Comp stan will defend hybe more than bts solo. You’re blind if you think hybe treating hobi like this is okay. Shipping and providing online store are basic thing and they cant even do that to their money maker? They have no problem with other artist but bts especially their solo work. Geffen records are useless too..they make mistake with hobi’s lv announcement, delete it and never post it again. They have time to post abt other artist but none for hobi

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It is what it is

i have to agree, solo stans vote and stream besides complaining about mistreatment. While company stans erase every legitimate issue the artist may face because of company management

dot com bubble

I get that BTS members usually don’t care or gaf about distribution, promotion, or charting but Bighit is their agency and should care about these things even if the members don’t. ARMYs promoted BTS so much when they were just starting to take off but Bighit gotta stop relying on the fandom for everything. Even with the subs before. If ARMYs didn’t trend a hashtag for English subtitles, they won’t add them even in paid contents that cost so much money and so much shipping fee.


“Don’t care about charting?” peak delulu


jungkook just deleted his instagram account with 52 million followers, do you honestly think they care so much about numbers? sure, they’re grateful to armys when they get #1s but they mostly don’t care about numbers.


Im sorry but every artist CARE ABOUT CHARTING. They will release more song if people buy and listen to their song. Thats why many group disband cuz nobody listen to them. If he doesnt care, he can quit his job and just do music like unknown singer on streer. He’s literally feel scared that nobody will show up in lollapalooza. So, please buy the song, bitch! Dont make an excuse that he doesnt want his song to chart. You just dont want to buy his song lol

dot com bubble

Oh fuck you too. I never said to not fucking buy his fucking song. I was criticizing Bighit for always fumbling the bag when it comes to solo releases. OF COURSE I’D FUCKING BUY THEIR RELEASES. You solo stans always worry about fucking everything including fucking promotions when it fucking turns out Hobi feels uncomfortable with fucking girlies like you always fucking bringing it up.



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they know it’s a flop so they don’t care


Solo stans are so dramatic.


Didnt the fans say bts doesnt need the company to succeed? Now why are they barking..

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