BTS J-Hope to perform his solo stage, Jeon Somi and Park Bo Gum selected as hosts at 2022 MAMA

BTS J-Hope’s solo stage… Jeon Somi and Park Bo Gum selected as hosts (2022 MAMA)

BTS’ J-Hope is preparing for his solo stage at ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’

Park Bo Gum and Jeon Somi confirmed as the hosts of the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’

1. Just trust J-Hope~ I’m looking forward to it

2. I barely know the names of the 4th generation male idols… Can’t wait for J-Hope’s stage

3. I knew Park Bo Gum would be attending!!! As expected

4. Somi-ah, please make a comebackㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Wow, Park Bo Gum, I’ve been waiting for you

6. I’m so happy and excited, I’m going crazy, Hoseok-ah

7. I have a reason to watch this year’s MAMA

8. Wow I love J-Hope!!!!!!!!!! I really want to see his solo stage

9. What, Jung Hoseok, my heart suddenly stopped beating

10. Hobi’s stage is going to be crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. I’m looking forward to J-Hope’s stage

12. J-Hope???? Seriously awesome

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can’t wait for j-hope!! he’s amazing


not even planning to watch mama this year but they announced hoseok will be attending plus the rookie ggs collaboration stage yep yep I’m sold on both of these ☝🏻 love you mama, I never say anything bad about you ❤

WhatsThe Point

Hobi’s gonna own the stage like hobipalooza.
Give him a 30min set asap


I’m so excited for jhope’ solo stage. Actually i didn’t want to watch mama but i have to watch it now🥳


Army please vote bts mama ww icon ‼️‼️


that comment is so real, now i have a reason to watch this award show


And here I thought I’d be missing MAMA this year but then came Hobi to bring me back in.

But I wasn’t done…

Just watching Hobi’s performance. I refused to watch the rest of those dozens perform for another year

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