BTS J-Hope’s enlistment announcement

1. I wondered, but they purposely didn’t reveal the date. I think they did well

2. Don’t get injured and stay healthy

3. There’s a 4 month difference with Seokjin, so in 2024 we’ll have two.. It’s confirmed

4. I’m not worried because he will do well in any environment

5. I still can’t believe it, it’s a lie ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. Hoseok-ah, take care of your health

7. I will live well and wait for you, so don’t worry about anything and take care of yourself, don’t get sick

8. Our Hoseok is doing so well

9. It’s an April Fool’s Day lie

10. When does he go?? ㅠㅠ Is he planning to go in April?

11. Hobi, who is always bright and positive, don’t get sick

12. At least let me know the date so I can prepare myself ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

13. Isn’t today April Fool’s Day?

14. Don’t get sick and come back healthy

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It is sad he is going, on the street with jcole is a hit in US and it’s viral on tiktok, doing good on kcharts too. YouTube channels flooded with his album reaction, but I guess he has always been prepared man. All the best Jhope


I just know you live in your fat moms basement with a permanent cheese stain on your single shirt.

Eve_¹³⁵ #on_the_street🤎| (slow)

OTS is still charting high on hip hop & rap BB charts. And on Melon in top 30 daily chart, weekly chart at #26.:-)


not an incel speaking 💀 LMFAOOOO


Our sun joins our moon. I wish you all the best Hobi, we will be here waiting for you! 


No more bad music from jflop! Finally


I don’t like his music too but dude flop is your mind


But he makes the best music in that group !


says some irrelevant imbecile on the internet with an obviously damaged hearing 🤓 i wonder how miserable and pathetic your life must be lmfao

Last edited 8 months ago by jen

Imagine how stupid you are to come across this site and choose the article about someone you don’t like 😂

Last edited 8 months ago by Kim

idk how but he has the face of an old asian lady riding the bus with her shopping trolley and a bucket hat on…


My fave Kai is too much of a coward to join unfortunately.


the world is healing


Whoever decided to post this on April Fool’s is some next level trolling. 🥲

Sounds like he’s going really soon, so I hope the best for him. I’m glad he’s going on such a high note with his solo endeavors, so I hope he’ll stay healthy and safe until he gets back.


How unfair :((


imagine how scared and extremely disappointed your mom must’ve been after giving birth to a jobless imbecile like you 😂

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