BTS J-Hope’s fashion made fans a bit confused today

J-Hope’s fashion made fans a bit confused today

J-Hope on his way to Japan to attend MAMA

1. Please don’t be too fashionable

2. What is this fashion?….. I don’t get it….. It looks like my dad’s underwear….ㅋㅋ

3. It’s weird no matter who wears it

4. The world of fashion is confusingㅋㅋㅋ

5. It’s like dad’s shortsㅋㅋㅋ

6. Looks like dad’s underwear, but he looks cool in that jacket

7. Seriously, my dad doesn’t even wear it

8. Seriously, what is fashion?… I don’t know

9. J-Hope’s outfit is so pretty

10. No, I was surprised because it looked like my dad’s underwear

11. I just looked at it and thought it was pretty

12. He’s a celebrity so I find it fashionable

13. It doesn’t suit him… That’s the kind of fashion that Hobi shouldn’t wear

14. I really don’t understand fashion…

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Wow i didnt even notice it lmao


i actually like his outfit?


Its giving tryhard vibezz

Dot Com

Is GD wbk


only knets would make this a news post 🙄 he looks good but there shouldn’t be a debate lol


Because he tried to look fashionable but failed. GD 2.0


He always the gd wannabe yknow


Only thing GD wanna be is relevant outside of Korea. That criminal was never the fashionista yawl wanted him to be. As usual he got his style from peeking over the shoulders of westerners. Marinate on it.


I can assure you jhope doesnt want to be known as a drug addict


and that’s where your delusions start


No, he can’t even copy middragon’s crimes. You shouldn’t compare with our hobi. The only thing yours can wear are designer-provided chanel outfits. He doesn’t even a fashion 🤣


Go this hard for an animal abuser? Like be serious.


Gd dressed worse than my grandma only bitter 2nd gen kpop stan who couldnt move tf on still thinks hes some kind of a fashion king, HES NOT


I admire how Hobi can personalize his fits like this. The beanie and gold chain with the coat were a nice switch from the original modeled outfit.

I’m esp loving the message on the beanie lol


It looks great on the model but when J-Hope wears it, looks like someone pull down his pants 😂😂😂 I hope my bias won’t do this, it’s ugly af

But I wasn’t done…

Shut up jk solo


My bias is not him. Don’t even like BTS.


Knets opinion on fashion is moot. These are girlies that still dress like Cher from Clueless. Hobi looked so good and he is always leading the pack with more cutting edge fashion. Fashion king


Everyone thought differently, but I liked the combination. jhope can make everything suit him, I’m also very curious about the mama scene i cant wait for hobi’s solo performance 🔥


I really want to see mama performance of hobi as soon as possible 😋

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