BTS Jeon Jungkook New Nose

Jungkook new nose oh wow

I was watching BTS contact and i couldn’t help but notice Jungkook new rhinoplasty, his nose looks very different now than 2-3 years ago it was big and round especially in the bottom

Now his nose is very thin with straight bridge and looks smaller than before especially in videos

 Everyone do you like his old or new nose ?

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Thats MJ




Those are badly edited photos tho…


Pics look just like the video tho


Honestly wouldnt know when he would have had the time to get a nose job. Bts never had more than a few days break from debut til 2019


It looks like he got an implant u can see how it kinda pops out on the tip of his nose. I hope he gets the implant removed… whoever convinced him to get it should go to jail


Looks the same, but in a different lighting, honestly


ya’ll aren’t really that stupid right?


OP…Just say you are a hater and go…Have the OP ever watched any behind the scene or ITS and BV? Where Jungkook barefaced all the the time? His nose never change. Its just make up. Ofc, you use highlighter to make your nose bridge looks higher and your nose slimmer.


this aint no makeup or highlighter, it is called ps demy


Ew. Plastic.


Ew. Dumb & pathetic.


The thing is… his nose still looks weird. It went from fat weird to oddly shaped weird


still better than your voldemort nose tho 🤡


The efforts you put on writing this article when you can spend your time for doing something worthy in your life really amazed me


“New nose” and it’s just a pic of him with highlighter on the nose to make it look small😭😭 or back when he was 15 and had baby fat😭😭


Rhinoplasty is like having braces now don’t be ridiculous

Maple Puddin

So I guess y’all got tired of dragging Taehyung so you’ve moved on to Kookie. Pathetic


What a rude comment. FYI what was pathetic was to drag Tae in the first place.

Maple Puddin

??? I agree?? Taehyung has been dragged to filth this past year and it was senseless and undeserved. I was showing how antis like to rotate hate between the maknae members once they get bored of dragging a certain member. Like Tae is my ultimate bias and I defend him more than I’ve seen you so let’s not…


His nose looks strange. They have had time off and he def is looking like MJ after MJ had several nose jobs. I can’t even look at him cause it looks so weird and along with that new longer hair he is MJ twin.


Gross, so obvious he had yet another nose job and this one is bad. He has gone too far this time. I think he is obsessed with ps now and will keep getting more and more.


armys in denial lol


Some fans are so used to their favorites getting their faces retouched that they think everyone does it, Jungkook still has the same features, he doesn’t need retouching because his face is already perfect. 


when y’all haters can’t find anything else to drag the all-rounded GOLDEN MAKNAE of kpop y’all can only resort to drag him for his nose/PS or whatever when there’s clearly nothing wrong with his nose and JK still looks x100 better than y’all flopped nugu faves so stay pressed as always 💁‍♀️


it is a pimple for god s sake come on lol


I’ve been seeing Jungkook for years and he looks the same as before. Are these photos unedited? His nose never looked like this in diagonal angle. They recently had a concert and they also opened a live broadcast and his nose is like the same

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