BTS Jimin became the solo artist with the highest album sales in the first week with 1.35 million copies (the 4th day of the first week)

1,351,319 copies

The current ranking

1. 1.3 million people have received the album… When will my album come…?

2. Wow as expected, he beat Lim Young Woong

3. Congratulations to Jimin

4. This is his first solo album, but the quality of the album is really good, so I’m really grateful and happy

5. Daebakㅋㅋ It’s amazing that he sold over 1 million copies as a solo artist

6. As expected, Jimin’s popularity is no joke, Jimin-ah, congratulations

7. Jimin, congratulations

8. The song is good and his voice is art

9. All the songs in the album are good

10. Daebak, Jimin is amazing

11. Wow, this is crazy

12. Crazy, I wonder what his first week album sales will be

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