BTS Jimin became the solo artist with the highest album sales in the first week with 1.35 million copies (the 4th day of the first week)

1,351,319 copies

The current ranking

1. 1.3 million people have received the album… When will my album come…?

2. Wow as expected, he beat Lim Young Woong

3. Congratulations to Jimin

4. This is his first solo album, but the quality of the album is really good, so I’m really grateful and happy

5. Daebakㅋㅋ It’s amazing that he sold over 1 million copies as a solo artist

6. As expected, Jimin’s popularity is no joke, Jimin-ah, congratulations

7. Jimin, congratulations

8. The song is good and his voice is art

9. All the songs in the album are good

10. Daebak, Jimin is amazing

11. Wow, this is crazy

12. Crazy, I wonder what his first week album sales will be

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and he just became the first kpop soloist to reach 1st on Global Spotify 😁😁😁😁😁😁


I still cant believe damnnn he did it!!
I thought Spotify’s gonna play another game and deduct enough so that he doesn’t get that#1


no matter how much antis bark, it always backfires to them lol


he hit 1.4m sales today


Various versions so the numbers are debatable. Can buy 5 copies from one email in US, Korean sales allow mass buying anyways. Hybe exclusively gave all this to jimin which makes it feel like they wanted to make him seem even more popular than the rest

dot com bubble

The copium LOL. Whatever makes you and your flop idols sleep at night 😂

Bring back discuss

The others on that list have multiple versions and mass buying and what not. Jimin is more popular and thats a fact.


Cry more. I want snot and tears


Then, u do that to your fav, 5 copies from 1 email💀no wonder your fav struggled to broke top 10-20, u and your fav really paved your own way


Others might disagree but it will not change the fact that it’s all chart manipulation. Own it or don’t.


His number of versions are nothing compared to other kpop groups n western artists who do much more like 28828 versions lmao. Its actually only have 2versions with weverse album.


Jimin is more successful and popular than your fave, deal with it.


Jealousy is a disease

Your bias also had a weverse and regular version (they all will). You can also buy 5 copies or your bias’ albums with one email in the US. And you can buy as many as you want in Korea. So no, nothing exclusive here.

Like it or not, life isn’t fair and the members are not all equally popular. We all know maknae line is more popular than hyung line, so of course they’ll sell more. Cope with it, and stop making up bs to discredit Jimin.


Jimin being an absolute menace to kpop fads


I LIVE for Jimin not letting these pressed kpoppies breathe with his achievements and accomplishments 😭 Keep going king!!


How angry some people are that Jimin is succeeding as a solo artist, while their favs are still flops and all because of their fans, who focus only on Jimin and the other BTS members. 

pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

YES YES organic sales organic success pigmin supa dupa soloist in da world 🙂 believers

Last edited 2 months ago by pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung
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