BTS Jimin collabs with Assault Convict For New OST

BTS  leader singer Park Jimin found to be yet again in hot waters over his upcoming OST collab.  Titled as ‘Angel Pt.1’ by Kodak Black, NLE Choppa, Jimin of BTS, JVKE, & Muni Long, the OST is part of the upcoming and much awaited Fast and Furious Franchise.

One of the collaboration artist Kodak Black was accused of rape in 2016 and faced the charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in South Carolina. He was given a plea bargain in 2021 to the lesser offense of assault and battery and was sentenced to probation.

A part of the BTS fandom is expressing displeasure over the news and some are  explaining that people should be free artists from such complications as the artists dont have any power of the co-collaborators.

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Bts leader singer? Lmao
His voice sounds like goat


goat= you


Get a life…I know your life must be so messy bcs you are a loser who only can vent your anger on somebody else


Jajajja la única cabra acá eres tú!! Ni volviendo a nacer tendrías un poquito de todo el talento que tiene Jimin.


Every member of blackpink sounds like a goat about to expire


Trying to shadow Jimin? It won’t do any good, they know he’s the one who got #1 on hot100 and that’s all they need, they know he won’t fail, Jimin is a real singer, with real talent and a fandom that will ALWAYS support him. Army get ready.


Real singer lol


It’s funny because he’s a great singer, dancer, plus he wrote the songs on his album, that makes you laugh? I understand, your favs make you cry because they are useless, they neither sing nor dance nor know how to do anything at all, keep laughing then, poor wretch.  🤭


10 years into BTS careers, give it up.
Ain’t nothing gonna stop any of them.


y’all he is not the one who choose with who to collab… lol the production has him thst man in multiple songs lol


Is he a baby? Why other member especially rap line have 100% control but hes not and all its hybe or other people fault? So he also can’t decline racist taeyang offer? Oops taeyang aka rapisr seungri supporter


The way I can tell a jk solo runs this account smh


Then why are they acting like their fave didn’t perform at a homophobic WC event?


Please, as much as gays want others to respect their choice to fck each other in the ass, Muslims can also ask for respect for their religion and culture. Also, what does that have to do with supporting rapist of a 16yr old?


Muslims? u goat fckers got a lotta nerve lol

Teenaged puppy

Not you with the performative concern

King kook

We are running in your mind 24/7


JK solo? Its that blonk. Iconrose is a hater and a blonk


every single time jimin does something or releases something you’ll have the exact same type of lewsers crying shaking and throwing up with their desperate user posts like yall are so embarrassing and pathetic it’s actually laughable to see


More like everytime mickey mouse does something or releases something he brings nothing but humiliation to BTS and the fandom. 40k drag qrts? CHECK. Biggest freefall? CHECK. Fraudulent streams? CHECK. Supporting rapists? CHECK


more like yall are a bunch of lewsers who do nothing but cry about jimin being successful. throwing your pity parties every single time this man achieves something like don’t yall see how utterly pathetic you lot are?

using those 40K quotes as a drag as if they didn’t come from kpop roaches and had no impact whatsoever on jimin’s or bts’ careers.
had to include quoting that tweet in your bimbo’s solo debut schedule just to end up looking like clowns. as per usual.

last but not least, billboard’s scheming will never be the drag you losers think it is. sorry to disappoint.
especially when you’re talking about the same chart where your faves have been fighting for the bubbling under title despite all the industry support and mass buying/streaming your cofandom did <3

instead of spending your time crying about successful artists on pannkpop dot com, go open spotify and run a playlist!! maybe your faves' results wouldn't be so embarrassing if you paid at least 5% of the attention you're paying to jimin & bts


must be new to army twt if you think armys are that affected by 40k drag qrts that 80% probably are just people promoting their flop faves , 2018 is much way worser than that, we are not feeling humiliated with the freefalls because it’s not his fault or the fans’ fault , billboard filtered his sales lol and what fraudulent streams ?

Teenaged puppy

Be embarrassed. Yawl pulling 40k quotes but can’t pull 40k streams. Priorities


Jimin really be collabing with the shittiest people like he is trying to collect the worst possible people and make it into an armys lol


Nah you guys just have double standard when its come to BTS. Most of artists would be happy to accept to do ost for fast n furious.


Rapists are happy to have stream of income so they can continue assaulting victims


I’m seeing a pattern with these posts atp.. Literally the reason why I stopped frequenting the site in the first place lol thanks for the reminder


solos are inflitrating this website which I already expected when jimin made his solo debut cause one thing about these maknae solo stans , they love doing these user posts to badmouth other member, these what k-akgaes do on pann too lol.

Whoever the next one to release his album, just prepare yourself and bunch of shit posts by solos to be made here on that member


They’ve been at it for months now, it’s actually insane.

I used to enjoy coming here and reading whatever the k side got to say about certain topics, but ever since Jimin’s encore incident this site has pretty much became an open field for solo stans and their wars, it’s astonishing to see how they’re taking full advantage of the anonymity this site offers to ridiculate and swear at the members they don’t stan.. Just very sick behavior overall :/

I mostly stick to Pannchoa now; it still got trolls and people who hide behind pretty idols, but at least you can block people and never see them or their comments again. Here is just trigger and trigger with most of them..


Not the 1st time fraudmin supporting a whole rapist. This Kodak’s victim is 16yrs old MFCKING 16!!
Army fandom is predominantly female, many are underaged and here’s Mickey Mouse collabing and enabling a rapist. So disappointing and disgusting!!!


I ain’t saying nothing but thre is a quote “Birds of the same feather….yk🪶😴”

Last edited 4 months ago by Kyler

This isn’t Jimin’s song. It’s an OST to the movie so it’s not Jimin’s fault which artists also have a part in this song.


he could have turned it down and said no or do you think jimin just blindly does what bighit tells him to do


Army said hes a baby unlike rap line who can decide everything by themselves



Teenaged puppy

Kpop stans and especially blinks have no room to criticize knowing the type of people your fave willingly hype and party with every chance they get


fraudmin loves working with criminals.


Well…. there’s no cancel culture in US tho….


Stfu blonk, Jennie is dating GD the dog abuser and is friends with rapist


Jimin is friend with taeyang aka rapist seungri supporter too lol


Doing charity by accepting a featuring does not mean being friends

It's whatever

But he said Taeyang has been his inspiration? I can see it, both supporers of rapist and criminals


How dumb u are to believe in two photos without any connections? they just put a context of “dating” and u are here believing that they are dating. U are new here if u don’t know media play in sokor.


jimin collabs with taeyang a seungri rape apologist, adds convicted sexual assaulter bobby jungs song to the proof album, now collabing with a convicted rapist and pedophile. it’s no one’s fault if they believe jimin has no morals and he favors clout and fame over doing whats right which is to not work with these type of ppl.

Impel Down Jailer

working together with a convicted person. what a criminal


I’ve had enough of this website with its nasty users. There’s no moderation here … i will find my k-news in a less toxic environment.


ICONROSE…just focus on your YG house who is full of drug addicts and helmed by a gambler. Don’t put our words into our mouth. Armys hyped the ost so much. According to your logic…even Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa should stop appearing on the movie because their Movie ost was sung by a rapist.

Broken logic from hateful mind. Just go and say I AM A HATER from your top of the lung! Shameless b1tch!!!!

WhatsThe Point

Idk why y’all are on jimin’s ass as if he chose whom to collaborate with.
Whack fast and furious ass cuz they keep having kodak black in their osts for some reason.


Ohh that’s very ugly


Fake performative outrage from stans who are more problematic with problematic friends.

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