BTS Jimin is rumored to be dating actress Song Da Eun

Jimin, Song Da Eun, what’s wrong with the two of them?

Isn’t it breaking news on the overseas news?

[+119, -169]

1. [+98, -15] The foreign press is going crazy about Jimin being the global ambassador of Tiffany & Co.

2. [+95, -15] I feel sorry for you, even if you work hard to spread rumors everywhere, no one will believe you

3. [+93, -13] It’s not confirmed

4. [+24, -11] It’s been talked about for a long time, there are a lot of articles that have appeared overseas, but what are the Korean reporters doing?

5. [+15, -5] But what is the relationship between Song Da Eun and Seungri?

6. [+14, -7] Are Song Da Eun and Seungri best friends?

7. [+14, -11] If it were true, Korean reporters would have said they were dating like Jungkookㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+13, -4] Why Song Da Eun?;;;

9. [+11, -5] There are a lot of articles in foreign media, but in Korea, there aren’t even any articles, it seems that HYBE has prevented it

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It’s always when bts members are active and releasing something that these news suddnely popping out


Always when a member is in the spotlight for their work these things come out. Those who come up with this nonsense, don’t they get bored of being pathetic? 


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It’s not Korean article tho so how is it related to his works


Wouldve believe it more if hes rumored to be dating sangwoon


Wait what? Who?


This rumor was from last year. Why now? Just because jimin solo is very soon?? I feel like maknae line akgaes, antis really scary. Always pull something bad at certain timing.


Comment 9. This is hybe not yg


Some people r really insecure abt Jimin becoming ambassador for Dior & Tiffany


She’s too pretty to be dating him🤣


She’s too female to be dating Twinkmin


Jimin got the girlies scrambling


At least he’s not dating some scammer girlie that builds buddhe statues that look like him


antis are obsessed with matching problematic actresses with BTS members so that they can drag them lmao


Boooring, tireeed, done befooore

Blinks and shippers have been desperately trying to link this woman with Jimin for years now; give it a rest atp 💀

Team Taekook

She is too pretty for him.


Stop setting up taekook you ugly piece of shit

I've yujin

Jimin looks gay


As always, media are trying to drag bts members when they’re about to release something, pathetic


isn’t jimin dating jungkook??


or bangpd

Saint Seungri

HAHAHA pigmin dating with women 🙂 joke of the year. She likes men like Seungri as u see


1. So he is cheating on bang
2. Who exactly is the hole here?


2 sisters💅🏻💅🏻


Cmmt 9, these articles are a year old. Ofc no one except some kpop gossip site is talking abt it now.

But just goes to show how threatened ppl are by Jimin’s cb to be making this much noise abt him already.



If Jimin is straight then HOLY FUCK the bar for Korean masculinity is literally at the center of the Earth! 😂🤣😂


“My boyfriend Jimin looks so cute in skirts and lipstick!”
“Did you see my boyfriend’s instagram story where he pole dances?!?!”
“LOOK HOW SMOL AND CUTE my boyfriend is! You know what they say about guys with SMALL HANDS, right? 😉”

BTS fans always have that weird “I’m only attracted to gay men and little boys” vibes 😬😬😬

Saint Seungri

just a small skinny cute shy botoks korean 30 old idol “boy” with small weak hands 🙂 most handsome shit ever


If according to media, BTS members would have dated half of SK artist population at this point. Rumor here and there but not ONE solid proof. Media always say “BTS Army” found the truth. But what ARMY? Even Army themselves didn’t know THAT Army who spread the rumor.

WhatsThe Point

The witch hunt has started. Everytime a tannie has something to be released this shit always happens. Earlier it was tae, then jk now it’s jm. BTS has always been a traget

Faggot Pigmin

Jimin looks like a lesbian tho. She’s just bff with him.


So…. what’s the point again?
LOL these desperate haters can’t be more obvious


can we pursue any legal matters regarding this website? it seems they keep on posting weird articles without fact checking about jm

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