BTS Jimin ‘Like Crazy’ challenge with NewJeans Haerin, Danielle

1. Why are the three of them so cute?

2. Haerin and Danielle dance so well with different styles, NewJeans members are all good at dancing so I really like them

3. No, the combination of these kids is amazing. Jimin is already good and the NewJeans kids are cute too

4. I thought only Hanni and Haerin danced well but Danielle danced well too

5. The choreography and Danielle’s outfit match well

6. I thought Haerin was a good dancer, but Danielle also danced well, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed

7. Haerin and Danielle are so pretty

8. Wow, I think it’s the best of the challenges

9. I love Danielle’s dance

10. Daebak.. Danielle is so pretty and talented…

11. Haerin is crazy, she dances so well

12. Danielle’s dance is really pretty

13. The more you watch NewJeans, the better they dance

14. The NewJeans kids dance really well.. Everyone is so charming

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