BTS Jimin Linked to Cult Speculation and Controversies

Rumors of HYBE’s link to the ‘Dahn World’ cult spread online and Korean netizens have brought up signs that Jimin may be involved in a cult.

1. Jimin chose a Satanic cult theme for his solo photo folio.

2. Jimin practices the “Z Wave Healing Meditation,” created by ‘Dahn World’ cult founder Ilchi Lee (born Lee Seung Heun).

3. Jimin wore the “evil eye” symbol on his outfit many times. 

In addition to the cult rumor, Jimin also had many controversies.

4.  Jimin wore a t-shirt of Hiroshima’s atomic bombing that insulted Japan and got BTS’s Japanese TV appearance cancelled.

5.  Jimin worked with criminals like Jung Bobby (sex offender) in “Filter” and NLE Choppa (domestic abuse) in “Angel Pt. 1.”

6. Korean netizens criticized Jimin for weeks when his property got seized bec he failed to make his payments.

7. Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ had the biggest free fall in Billboard history after Billboard deleted Jimin’s sales due to fraudulent tactics. His fans mass bought the song using thousands of fake accounts.

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