BTS Jimin ranked 38th on the UK official singles chart (3rd week)

8th (First Week) – 16th (Second Week) – 38th (Third Week)

1. Wow, he’s doing well on the UK charts

2. Our Jimin is the best

3. Congratulations to Jimin!!!

4. It’s really hard to get into the top 100 on the UK charts, but it’s 38th for the 3rd week, Jimin is amazing

5. Jimin-ah, let’s go to England once!!! Let’s give back to the British ARMYs~

6. Wow, it’s a big hit in the UK

7. I really like the song. I think I will listen to it for a long time

8. Wow, our Jimin is amazing

9. Let’s go to England

10. I hope Jimin will go to England

11. Jimin-ah, I really like Like Crazy

12. For some reason, I think the song will be loved by the British (I don’t know)

13. Wow daebak.. If he had promoted in the UK, he would have done better

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so the results are consistent in every country except the us where monopolies rule the music industry


yup, it sucks that even geffen & hybe aren’t doing anything about it. like what was the point of releasing an enlish version if the company isn’t doing anything to promote it? should have just kept the kr version alone.

Color color stan

Because honestly the only way to promote it in the way western artists do is payola. there’s no other option. that’s why big labels and billboard hate bts sales because the money goes straight to bighit and bts pocket, not the corrupt industry.


that’s why it doesn’t make sense to have an eng version if both companies aren’t doing anything about it like hybe needs to stop relying on armys but give their other artists the payola


because the uk music industry doesn’t have where artists & labels need to pay DJ’s in order to play the song.

Hi, I'm Guest

If only the US radio stations give his song chances & spins at least half what they spin for the payola, no doubt his song will reach their public. No song will reach any public if it being discriminate like that


like crazy’s stability is insane (in every single market that isn’t ruled by radios and payola, funny), I see why everyone is bitter about the pretty boy 💀


Once again it is clear that Jimin’s success is organic, billboard you are covering yourself in shit and all for keeping people who are not worth it on high. 


Love Crazy is perfect for radio and yet somehow radio won’t play it. They re waiting to get payed but that won’t happen.

Color color stan

The day radio finally dies in the us, i will celebrate cause american radio stations are seriously corrupt


With thousands version? Nah

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