BTS Jimin ranked 38th on the UK official singles chart (3rd week)

8th (First Week) – 16th (Second Week) – 38th (Third Week)

1. Wow, he’s doing well on the UK charts

2. Our Jimin is the best

3. Congratulations to Jimin!!!

4. It’s really hard to get into the top 100 on the UK charts, but it’s 38th for the 3rd week, Jimin is amazing

5. Jimin-ah, let’s go to England once!!! Let’s give back to the British ARMYs~

6. Wow, it’s a big hit in the UK

7. I really like the song. I think I will listen to it for a long time

8. Wow, our Jimin is amazing

9. Let’s go to England

10. I hope Jimin will go to England

11. Jimin-ah, I really like Like Crazy

12. For some reason, I think the song will be loved by the British (I don’t know)

13. Wow daebak.. If he had promoted in the UK, he would have done better

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