BTS Jimin ‘Set Me Free Pt.2’ got 1st place on M Countdown this week

“No but ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
Thank you, I didn’t even imagine this ㅜㅜ
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
I’ll work even harder for the promotional activities!”

The comeback stage next week

1. Jimin, congratulations

2. Our Jimin got 1st place, congratulations

3. Congratulations to our Jimin, Jimin is the best

4. Congratulations to our Jimin, I’m so proud of you

5. Jimin-ah, I’m really looking forward to your stage

6. I like the song, so I keep listening to it

7. Our Jimin won 1st place on M Countdown

8. I’m also looking forward to the stage

9. Congratulations to Jimin, this is your first solo achievement

10. I’m looking forward to the new song that our Jimin will release

11. Congratulations to Jimin, I’m looking forward to the stage next week too

12. Our Jimin is so sweet and amazing

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Color color stan

King behavior 👑

Choose your fav btwink

Flop album

Last edited 8 months ago by Choose your fav btwink

lmaoooo imagine saying this when the article is about him winning an award

Choose your fav btwink

Fav btwink?
Uglykook – the muscular manly twiink
Pigmin – the most aunty autotune twunk
Hagjin – not tiwnk but added to fill collage
Twinkhyung – aka slvthyung most talentless twnink

Color color stan

tw: jumpscare

the real twinks are blinks, not even edited lol

Choose your fav btwink

At least not a queerbater like your dozens

Hi, I'm Guest

I believe yg had patent & copyrighted the words ‘mid’, ‘dozen’ for the 4 dozens from midpink to use..

mother dozen

you genuinely a loser. i’d kill myself if i was you but thankfully i’m not. hope you get to killing yourself soon pookie xoxo


Let’s give you more wins Jiminie! 


If this song can win then the bar must be in hell


You’re not me. But I agree 🤣


not me? 😂 ok op’s 2nd account….


I mean lisatank songs never received a win or 2 (ccmiiw) so the bar quite high. Now if somehow stiffsoo song got a win, that’s when we know how low the standard are.. Can we imagine that?? Ughhh


👆 Me when I lie

Last edited 8 months ago by BlinkPink

low standards= lisa’s flop album 😋🖕


do you what’s funny ? is that jimin broke lisa’s record today on spotify lmaoooo 😂 just admit that you are pressed & jealous that lisa’s album tanked despite all that promos . meanwhile jimin here is winning & getting all of this attention and his album is not out yet! 😂
keep crying & stay pressed


I love seeing blinks cry, it’s my daily motivation, my daily inspiration, the only reason i have the will to live. it encourages me to push myself on, and it gives me happiness. i feel happy when i see blinks cry. i become overjoyed because they cry about our success. 💜💅


Do you something? Lisa’s album was put after huge promos and teasers with 0 competition 😂 meanwhile jimin is here with 0 promos and with the album not out yet he us winning and making blinks crying!
we all know who has 0 standards lol


Zero promos my ass


I love seeing blinks cry, it’s my daily motivation, my daily inspiration, the only reason i have the will to live. it encourages me to push myself on, and it gives me happiness. i feel happy when i see blinks cry. i become overjoyed because they cry about our success. 💜💅


That song aged like milk for me I initially loved the 2nd verse sm but now its all noise for me 😭. And I thought chorus would grow on me but nope.

I am still looking forward to like crazy teaser sounds pretty promising. I hope its something like serendipity or filter 🙏

Also before jm fans jump on me this isn’t a hate on him I am his fan just didn’t like the song even though I have heard it countless no. Of time. Jm songs have always been my fav solos but this time it really isn’t my cup of tea

Last edited 8 months ago by Miniee

This song is terrible. Even armys admit that they only stream it because it’s Jimin. Any other less known idol singing this shit will flop straight away.


source= trust me


Just coz you dont like something doesnt make it terrible lol, there are ppl who genuinly enjoy it, go cry somewhere else


Try sing the second verse without looking like an idiot


It’s different for me . I didn’t like at first but I like it now . And thank you for being respectful. Really happy to see people saying they don’t like something without being rude ❤️


Thanks, but I was expecting this reaction from ppl lol. I am happy you enjoyed the song I have watched a lot of reaction videos alot of ppl seems to love it, its just not my taste, for me I love a little bit softer and easy flowing song as I said serendipity and filter are literally on top of my list. I hope like crazy is that song or hopefully he has it on bside but face off getting banned on kbs tells me that wont be the case and he might continue this theme, lets see I am pretty excited for tomorrow.


nobody gaf 😂 jimin is still winning and you can keep barking


And I gaf if it’s not my taste then it’s not you can’t shove it down. I didn’t even say a word bad about it just was telling my experience with the song, while you are being misrable under my comment.


Don’t care about them . You are the only human I have so far seen in this website. Some people need understand the difference of hate comment, criticism and tast


Not So called ARMYs voting for this shitt over better songs


better songs like what? 😂 like flop pinks songs for example? lmaooo


why are blinks crying here?
focus on your flop girlies plz


his music sucks…


Set me free pt.2 is a freaking masterpiece!


his boyfriend bang sihyuk pays for it

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