BTS Jimin sold 1.45 Million copies in the 1st day of sale (HYBE confirms)

After the end of the first quarter of 2023, HYBE confirms through their investor presentation that BTS Jimin indeed sold 1.45 Million album copies on Day 1 of sale making him the record holder of most sold albums in the first day and week for a K-pop soloist. These updated figures are shocking due to the previously reported first-day sales on Hanteo. On March 24th, Hanteo reported that FACE by Jimin sold 1,021,532 copies on its first day.

Here are the Confirmed first-day sales in the investor presentation, The presentation shows both Jimin’s and bandmate Suga’s first-day sales as well.

As well as this article published by MusicBusiness Worldwide confirms that Jimin holds the best record for first-day sales by a solo artist.

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He’s hybe’s favourite. Ofcourse the company would do anything to make him take away suga’s record


No one took anything away. The article says 1st week, Yoongi’s record is for the 1st day. Yoongi still holds the record.

My Euphoria

Park Jimin!! 👑 👏👏👏

Bring back discuss

First week* it was a mistranslation

Support trans Lisa

Sajaegi / payola

Music is love

I’d never diss amazing Lisa, why diss awesome Jimin??


Hybe doing anything for their slutmin

Kpop fan

Typical Taekooker mean comment..A loved Idol just sadly died from being cyber-bullied! Shame on you!




log off for me and go check yourself into an asylum for mentally ill.


slut= you


It was actually first week, so the Hanteo figures were right.


HYBE payola. Ask talentless Jimid how many cocks he sucked for this fake news and his encore to be edited to sound normal. BB already called his uglyass fake so hehehe.


Pedomin cant sing at all and his toxic fans cant stream so how could he get sales. Maybe BangPD asked him to suck his cock for it.

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