BTS Jimin wears Tteokbokki coat and leaves the country

He’s so cute

1.He’s white and pretty, his eyes are cute

2.He looks like a baby and is so cute

3.When I see him smiling so brightly I can’t see his eyes, I want to smile too

4.He kept saying hello with a smileㅋㅋㅋ So cute

5.I thought it wasn’t Jimin, he’s so cute

6.Ahh, he looks like a baby penguin

7.He looks like a baby. Why is he so cute?

8.His outfit today is so cute, pretty, adorable

9.Jimin, why do I feel like he lost weight?

10.Hey, why is he so cute?? I want to put him in my pocket

11.Jimin-ah, take care of your health

12.Where did our Jimin go??? So cute

13.Jimin’s clothes are really cute

14.Jimin is still a kid

15.Where is he going? Jimin’s fans, please let me know

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