BTS Jimin who entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 5 consecutive weeks with Like Crazy

1st place in the first week

45th place in the second week

52nd place in the third week

85th place in the fourth week

97th place in the fifth week

1. It’s crazy that he’s on the chart for 5 consecutive weeks as a solo artist

2. 5 weeks in a row ㅠㅠ Thank you American ARMYs

3. Jimin-ah, congratulations, you’re amazing

4. Jiminie is awesome and the fans are awesome too

5. American fans have worked so hard and thank you so much ㅠㅠ

6. Jimin, thanks for the good song, congrats

7. I wasn’t expecting it, but he’s amazing, congrats to Jimin

8. Our Jimin is daebak

9. Daebak, Jimin-ah, congratulations!!!

10. Seriously impressive

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well you easily can with the “tools”


if it’s that easy, then why isn’t every other fandom doing it?


Bcoz they don’t have the tools 😬


nope, they just don’t have listeners


which tools? the ones where your sales from the official store don’t count and your charting is pretty much based on streams alone? be astronomically serious. if it was so easy all the kpop groups would’ve charted with the promo and begging all of them do, but yall forget internet hype ≠ actual demand.




keep crying ! how is he a fraud? bb deleted 100k from his sales


jimin sitting on that chart prettily based on streams and streams alone is actually very ionic of him


Two BTS members inside the hot100 at the same time, what a happiness! Congratulations to both of them and to Army for making it possible. 


+ 0 playlists
0 radio plays
100k sales delete
versions seperations from spotify
He is a king indeed 💅

Color color stan

Meanwhile fadsoo and ms. thanks to tiktok can’t even enter at #100

Teenaged puppy

Kpoppies found in a ditch

Jimin Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100

No number 1 Billboard Hot 100 no opinion. Jimin is the biggest kpop soloist ever.

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