BTS Jimin’s ‘FACE’ has surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify in the shortest time for a Korean solo singer in history

BTS Jimin’s ‘FACE’ hits 100 million streams in just 5 days

1. I’m surprised that not only the title track but also the b-side tracks are good

2. I love all songs ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Jimin-ah, please give me a song every day

3. Even when they promote as solo artists, BTS is still BTS

4. I’m not an ARMY, but I listen to this song because I love it!

5. This song is really good. Please give me good songs for the next album too

6. I like the whole album, Jimin-ah

7. It’s a great album. It’s so good

8. The song is good and his voice is good too

9. The songs are good ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I listen to this album on my way to work

10. He set a lot of records with this album

11. I really like all the songs

12. I like this album, congratulations

13. There’s no pop star collaboration in this album, Jimin is amazing

14. All songs are good

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his voice aint’ it


thank you for spending time to listen to his voice and giving one stream


Them becoming vocal experts when it comes to BTS lmaooo.


yesterday’s encore proved it


Huh? What was that supposed to prove? The remixes are literally on their own, not included in the album and its’ streams 😂

Last edited 5 months ago by stfu bitch

300M by this year 🙏🏻


As expected of our IT boy 🤌🏻 Hope we’ll be able to reach 100M for FACE’s 1st week as well


In other news, Jimin is dropping like a rock on the US spotify chart at #76.
Meanwhile, nugu girl group Fifty Fifty HAS RISEN to #77 and about to surpass Jimin!

At what point to BTS fans admit that they have no mainstream appeal?

Every BTS release features the same pattern – their army of incel fans doing organized streaming/buying in order to place BTS high on the charts. …Then the army of incels claim victory… And then the song immediately drops.

Meanwhile, ACTUALLY POPULAR artists can maintain top positions for a long time because they are… actually popular in the mainstream.

Short men who weight 55kg/122lbs and who wear dresses are not, in any way, popular to mainstream people. Only young incel girls who fantasize about having a gay boyfriend like that sort of thing. ..Oh, and gay men who like twinks.


thanks for keeping up to date with jimin 💜

Hi, I'm Guest

Tq again larry boy, for being obsessed. We love it when both fans & haters talked about BTS like it’s their main job everyday. Gotta appreciate the dedication 😘


to who are you lying


You don’t like Jimin but you spend all day talking about him, we know you are obsessed with him, get help, you useless incel. 


Go joking our fave getting some dick in a back alley. Twink


My fave goatse could never


Have to say it here bc the other post crashed. Jimin really brings out all the jobless, barking dogs starving to hate on him.

That’s some crazy star power that so many antis can’t even help themselves but keep up with everything abt him. I’m not surprised at all that he made this kind of achievement bc whether you claim to love him or hate him, he has us all obsessed.


have yall seen the encore in music show yesterday??? man can’t sing lmao barely hits one note correctly


Did you see the actual performance? Of course you didn’t bc he killed it and you joined all the other jealous haters to harp on 1 min when he couldn’t hear the music in his ear piece. While Jimin is rich and handsome and loved by many, you’re obsessed, probably ugly, and no one likes you bc you’re toxic. Good luck with that.

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