BTS Jimin’s solo album “FACE” debuts at #2 on Billboard 200

164,000 units

The biggest debut by a Korean soloist in the chart’s history

1. Seriously daebak, congratulations

2. Congratulations Jimin on becoming the best solo artist in Korea

3. All the songs in the album are good, congratulations

4. I’m not his fan, but I want to congratulate him. Congratulations, Jimin!

5. Jimin-ah, you really worked hard! The album is so good

6. Wow daebak, I really like this album

7. All the songs in the album are so good that I listen to them every day

8. Seriously awesome

9. Congratulations to our Jiminie

10. I’m really happy

11. Jimin is so cool!!

12. Jimin is doing so well

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