BTS Jimin’s solo album “FACE” debuts at #2 on Billboard 200

164,000 units

The biggest debut by a Korean soloist in the chart’s history

1. Seriously daebak, congratulations

2. Congratulations Jimin on becoming the best solo artist in Korea

3. All the songs in the album are good, congratulations

4. I’m not his fan, but I want to congratulate him. Congratulations, Jimin!

5. Jimin-ah, you really worked hard! The album is so good

6. Wow daebak, I really like this album

7. All the songs in the album are so good that I listen to them every day

8. Seriously awesome

9. Congratulations to our Jiminie

10. I’m really happy

11. Jimin is so cool!!

12. Jimin is doing so well

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Just as I thought – those predictions of charting at #1 were just wishful thinking.

And anyone who has been paying attention to the data knows that he will immediately start dropping down because that’s what has been happening to him everywhere.

The only people who care about his songs are Army, and they already bought their CDs at debut. Thus, he is doomed to have zero staying power.


dont forget to put your alarms to see jimin debut on #1 on top100 tomorrow 🥳


Looks like I will be sleeping past noon then.


And here you care to be the first one to write this. I know you gonna be super jealous to see jimin about to debut on hot100 on top1-5. Even your faves cant enter top20 without collab lmao. Go stream your fave song that already freefalling on 2nd day as you guys only care about her visual.


thank you for keeping up with Jimin, must be hard that no one ever have cared you this hard like you care for Jimin rn


And nothing for your faves


Larry…you should stay at your ward and focus on your medication. But here you are focusing on Jimin’s success.


My fellow twink blink

mother dozen

HE JUST GOT NUMBER ONE ON HOT100 SO YOU CAN SUCKKKKKKK MYYYYYY COCKKKKKKKKKKKK. and no one normal cares about drops btw! he’s still miles ahead of stiffsoo and always will be <3


It worked! 29 versions represent! 👏


If you’re going to lie, at least try for smt you can’t easily expose by a simple google search.


*2 versions lmao


are the 29 versions here in the room with us


I’m so proud of him! Congrats to Jimin for this achievement 👏💜


So good


I’m very glad he achieved this, Jimin deserves it, he worked very hard on his album, which not everyone can say. 


I can’t believe my barking online doesn’t effect BTS sales and popularity. I’m embarrassed


Now..its time for you to come back to your cage. Its hilarious !!! 🤣🤣🤣


Ya’ll, he got the BB Hot100 #1!!! Where’s a post so we celebrate it more~?

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