BTS Jimin’s solo album sold 1.01 million copies in the first day

Jimin’s solo album sold 980,000 copies in the first day => No, 1.01 million copies!

1.01 million copies on the first day

1. The song is so good, I’m looking forward to the next album

2. The song is so good, and Jimin’s voice is perfect. I keep listening to the song

3. Wow, his solo album surpassed 1 million on the first day? As expected from BTS’ class

4. Oh my God!! congrats to Jimin

5. Congratulations to Jimin, but I bought it on Weverse and haven’t even been billed ㅠㅠ

6. Seriously BTS is awesome

7. I love this album so much

8. Jimin, congratulations, I really like the song

9. The quality of the album is good. I like all the songs

10. As expected, BTS is BTS

11. I haven’t received my bill yet ㅠㅠ

12. The popular members are different

13. Wow, BTS’s class is different

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Color color stan

King shit 👑. in your face, jobless haters lol


Twink king 💅🏻💅🏻


Is Larry


and saint seungri


I have a question, i heard it was supposed to be 1.7M? But how come it became 1.01M?

Choose your fav btwink

Fav btwink?
Uglykook – the muscular manly twiink
Pigmin – the most aunty autotune twunk
Hagjin – not tiwnk but added to fill collage
Twinkhyung – aka slvthyung most talentless twnink


Looking at the wordings, you can already guess which group they’re fan of. I’ve always wonder the background of these type of people and how they behave in real life but hopefully, you’re not the same offline


is this a drag? they’re so pretty

Choose your fav btwink

Eww Where??
Jungkook looks like a man
Jimin looks like an old women
Taehyung looks like a w h 0. r 3
Jin looks like a demon 😈

WhatsThe Point

The open sabotage by hanteo?? Kept adding and deleting 30k sales, froze it for hours, their real time sales graph showed FACE has 1.75M sales and now when armys called it out they suddenly hid the graphs???

One would think an artist as big as BTS wouldn’t face such blatant sabotage and issues. Suddenly all apps are glitching when it’ comes to bts


1.7M+ sales*

Color color stan

Hanteo that traitor just confirmed it’s 1.02 million 🙄


King behaviour 👑

Miss Mochi

Jimin is talented, handsome, kind
I’m so happy he’s doing so well 😁

WhatsThe Point

Omg y’all update, they now deleted sales from the graph too, open sabotage.


12. The popular members are different.

It’s funny, hybe promotes and gives so many versions to certain members and the public believes they’re popular with some huge margin while not knowing others dint even get the bare minimum. It’s always unfair but public won’t understand the dirty games labels play

Last edited 8 months ago by Guest

Solos just want to have their penus size contest every fckng time right? The members decide their fckng promo and how they want their albums to be promoted and developed. Also just 1 or 2 metrics doesn’t define the success the boys have, that THEY ACTUALLY ARE HUGE SUCCESSFUL SOLOIST AS WELL AS A GROUP. Sorry that you can’t have the promo YOU want to measure your ego between your kind


Ahh yes, other members definitely asked for late shipment, 9 days prior announcement, no physical albums, no US store, etc. They definitely asked for the sabotage.


his album hit 1.7m copies now 💅

Ladyboy lisa

🤣🤣🤣 stop crying blink


I expected as much, but it’s still crazy how good this album is. From the very first note of the first track, it kept my attention in a chokehold. And his English singing voice! Omg, is it sexy!


Congrats Jimin!!


Not even surprised, army is jimin solo stans. Im convinced. Cause they can ONLY give him this numbers but not other members


wow nice

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