BTS Jimin’s vocals get good responses in new song VIBE

He’s famous for his unique voice

But the listeners don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to songs other than BTS’s songs

It was better than I thought, so I was surprised

VIBE is so good

1. His voice is so unique

2. I love his voice so much

3. His voice is unique and the melody is beautiful. I want to see his solo

4. Jimin’s voice is amazing

5. But Taeyang and Jimin’s voices seem to go well together

6. Jimin’s voice seems to bring me comfort and happiness

7. I know he has a good voice, but since his voice is so unique, I wonder if it suits Taeyang? I can’t imagine it, but I think it’s better than I thought

8. I really like Jimin’s unique voice.. His unique voice is really a treasure.. I want to hear Jimin’s music as soon as possible..

9. I’m looking forward to his solo album in the future. I hope he can collaborate in different ways and show Jimin’s voice more

10. His voice is so charming

11. I love Jimin’s voice so much

12. I like Jimin’s part too

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