BTS Jin posts about news regarding his enlistment on Weverse

BTS Jin posts about news regarding his enlistment on Weverse

“News did I did not intend to go public has been published, but my ARMYs, you shouldn’t come to the training center ㅠㅠ

There will be many others coming to enlist or accompany their loved ones as they enlist, so it will be hectic and could lead to potentially dangerous situations.

ARMYs, I love you.”

1. Jin is always worried about his fans and leaves cute messages for his fans

2. Seokjin-ah, don’t get sick. Take care of yourself

3. Seokjin is right.. Many other soldiers and their families will arrive on this day, so let’s not go… Well done, Seokjin-ah

4. I hope there won’t be any fansite masters on that day;

5. Let’s make our Seokjin comfortable, please don’t go

6. Seokjin-ssi, take care of your health ㅠㅠ I think he wrote this because he was worried about the fans ㅠㅠ

7. In the future, I worry that Seokjin’s military life will spread to reporters through the mouths of military officials

8. Jin did so well and don’t bother those who enlisted on the same day and their families

9. Please be a good ARMY who listens to artists

10. I wonder how Seokjin felt when he wrote this…

11. If you are a fan, listen to the singer

12. Don’t go if you are a fan

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Jin always thinks of Army, now we know when he is leaving and I hope his request will be respected. Take care of yourself Seokjinnie, the best moment is yet to come.


SK will suffer for its crimes. Good luck Jin

WhatsThe Point

This year stalkers have been rampant and getting to airports mobbing them. Kmedia leaked that article with his enlisting place and time adding onto security issues.
I hope winter is a little warmer this year


Ikr and the way its been circulated in the fandom like till last year even though there were stalker it all used to happen undercover only people who were looking for it will find shit but this year its so openly circulated. I wish this issue gets taken care of


of course fansites are going to go. they don’t actually care about seokjin at all and they are definitely going to be defended by a lot of idiots and solos. i just know they’re going to disrespect his wishes and show up with their giant cameras


I hope army respect his wish coz if I see anyone posting anything that doesn’t come from him or the company we will have a long talk


K-army really respect him but fansites, sasaengs and kmedia nah

Bring back discuss

Kmedia can choke for what they did.
Didn’t even allow the man to announce his own enlistment date. I fear for his privacy whilst in the army…


Jin always has good consideration. It’s just that the issues regarding his privacy being leaked during his service are really concerning.

I hope ppl around him will treat him respectfully as a human being and not take advantage of him.

meow meow

ofc fansites are going to go i just hope armys can work together and stop supporting the ones that do i still see a lot of support for known sssgs


Korea’s downfall is near the way they have treated BTS as their money maker and still doesn’t respect them or their privacy, they were begging BTS for exemption but BTS declined and announced to join the military itself because they wanted to serve even when they served the whole country in everyway but because of hate they were getting they were tired of it so they announced it themselves


Korea’s government is jealous of BTS because they took their own Decision even when Korea’s govt were begging BTS to stay but as BTS postponed the exemption the govt got furious it seems like they are doing this purposely like to send jin in the front line when the irrelevant one’s were never in the front line while them sending their pride at the front line is just like the govt is saying ( if you will hate us and not listen to us u have to face it ) it’s all planned they are jealous of BTS because BTS didn’t listen to them i just hope BTS will stay safe it’s very concerning..

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binance cadastro

Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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