BTS Jin returns to Korea after his schedule

1. He’s so handsome even with a mask!! You worked hard, take a break

2. You worked hard Seokjin-ah

3. His face is so small

4. He’s handsome and his proportions are good

5. Even though he’s wearing a mask, he still looks handsome

6.This is my first time seeing Seokjin wearing pants like that. He must be tired, he’s still cute

7. Jin looks skinny but his shoulders are amazing

8. Celebrities are different. If I were him, I’d look so ugly.. He’s still handsome

9. Seokjin-ah, you did so well.. The stage was great

10. Seokjin’s stage was great and I was so moved!!

11. You did so well Seokjin-ah 💜 Rest well!

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