BTS Jin will enlist without greeting fans and reporters

Big Hit side “BTS Jin will enlist without greeting fans and reporters”

1. ㅠㅠ Take care of your health ㅠㅠ I’ll wait for you

2. Let’s come back healthy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. I hope Gangwon-do will be warmer this year

4. Fans and reporters can be a nuisance to other soldiers, so I think he made the right decision

5. Seokjin did well when he said he would go by car

6. I’m worried because it’s cold again ㅠㅠ Seokjin-ah~~

7. I’m worried about the fans who will go there, but I’m more worried about the reporters and broadcasters

8. Honestly, I was more worried about all the reporters

9. Please let him comfortably enlist

10. Seokjin-ah, I’ll wait for you!

11. I will see you off with all my heart

12. Honestly, I’m more worried about the reporters than the fans

13. Seokjin-ah, stay healthy!! Fans and reporters, please don’t go

14. Please don’t disturb Seokjin

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Please let him say goodbye to his family in peace. Seokjin take care of yourself, I’ll be with you for the rest of my life.


We want to see the flat head allegations

Lazy Banana

Aww look at you being so fast when the post is about BTS. I knew you were a closeted fan lmao


Look in the mirror tf


Media deserves to be shut out after the bull shit they’ve been on the last ten years.

👍bts need a mirror

Kay let’s stop pretending he’s handsome when his hair did most of the work

Last edited 9 months ago by 👍bts need a mirror

Said no one ever?? Why are you even here?


Stop pretending you’re loved when your parents left you with crackheads upon your birth.

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