BTS Jin’s ad on the front page of National Defense Daily today (first celebrity)

It’s a newspaper that’s read by 600,000 soldiers in Korea

Street banners

1. Daebak, Seokjin and the fans too γ… γ… 

2. Daebak.. Will Seokjin see it too?? Happy 10th anniversary

3. Seriously awesome, I really want Seokjin to see it

4. Seokjin-ah, congratulations on your 10th debut anniversary

5. Seokjin will think of ARMY when he sees it

6. I was really healed and felt good when I saw Jin’s ad at Incheon Airport

7. Seokjin-ah, congratulations on your 10th debut anniversary, the fans are amazing

8. I hope Seokjin is happy in the army

9. I wish Seokjin could see it

10. I want to meet Seokjinie γ… γ… γ…  I miss him so much

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Happy 10th to our duo currently in service. I miss them and hope they had some chances to celebrate and see the well-wishes (daily phone time is allowed now, right?) πŸ’œ


Relevancy is a daily reality for my boys


At this point they should make it a national holiday lmao


Incredible how loyal these fanbases are for 10 years and still going. Mustve been spending alot too because this is the first idol anniversary displayed in military newspaper?

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