BTS Jin’s solo album ‘The Astronaut’ has sold over 700,000 copies

1. Seriously awesome!! As expected from BTS

2. I still haven’t received my invoice…

3. More than 700,000 copies in one day… daebak

4. Please send me the invoice quickly

5. I haven’t even received the invoice.. When will it arrive?

6. The song is so good. Let’s go to 1 million copies

7. I was worried about the short pre-order period, but I’m glad he’s doing so well

8. Seriously Jin is amazing

9. As expected from Kim Seokjin

10. Well, he’s so popular

11. His popularity is no joke

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Remind you this is without shipping in the US, Japan or any European country… he can definitely break the record for most sales by a solo artist.

Maple Puddin

And he will!


The pre order period was like one week


Well done Seokjinnie!

WhatsThe Point

Domestic only, international shipping is yet to happen


Domestically flopping on chart, jflop too!

WhatsThe Point

If I start bringing out performance of ur faves as solo artists, they’re not doing as well as bts solos so stfu


Let’s start by comparing music show wins first, because jflop is flopping with 0 music show wins in their home country. King shit


Can’t wait to get my copy and the sales are deserved.

This is such a great song/MV and I’m loving the storytelling and aesthetics of it. As well as Jin using his lower registered notes.

I still can’t believe it’s over 5mins long bc it doesn’t feel like it at all.

But I wasn’t done…

All of this


It is unbelievable that it sold so much in such a short time. People really love jin’s music 💜

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