BTS Jungkook appeared at Calvin Klein event (high definition pictures)

1. Long hair suits him so well

2. Seriously, Jungkook, why is he so pretty?

3. His hair is really pretty and his face is even prettier

4. I was surprised when I saw the first picture because it was so prettyㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wish he could keep growing his hair long

5. Wow, he really looks like Shim Hyung Tak’s wife

6. I’ll believe even if you say it’s a woman, he’s pretty

7. Jungkook is amazing, he’s pretty and cute

8. Jungkook, why are you so pretty and cute?

9. Every time I see Jungkook, I feel that no matter what he wears or how he looks, he’s so attractive. He’s really pretty today

10. I like him with long hair because he’s so pretty

11. Our Jeongsoon is getting prettier and prettier

12. No, why did Jungkook become a baby?

13. I used to disagree with Jungkook when he said he’s pretty, but now I get it

14. Handsome, cool, cute, crazy

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The camera quality isn’t the best but Jungkook looks too good, so it doesn’t matter. Can’t wait to see the official pics!


They won’t post unedited HD photos because these are all taken by fans not journalists lol. Korean fans love using soft and light filters. Also because ot won’t fit the “he look more like a girl than army girls” narrative

Keep pressed

Jungkook looking so good 😍
And when we say he’s the main event, we really mean it, that event was nothing without jk 😭 literally checked theqoo, pannate, etc and there’s nothing for the girlie, made no noise.
While jk was trending worldwide, was on top of Google search of CK and there’s already 3 post on him in k-foros 😭 CK hit jackpot with jk, otherwise that event would make no noise

Jk doing charity looking the best 🥺


Jungkook 💜


So edited low quality pictures are HD now?


Jungkook and Hobi look the most feminine these days.


Korean women must be really unattractive that they keep calling this man “a beautiful woman” 🤨


So good to see him. He’s so lowkey nowadays so I take whatever I can get.


Admin your femkook fetishism is showing. Its funny because taemin got so much hate because he actually looked like a woman but this grown man with his blurry photo is praised by the same bully armys for looking like a “woman” (idk what women armys have been looking at for calling this guy a woman)


I think army in general are even more manly looking and bulky than jungloo that’s why they keep calling him a pretty woman. Because they are ugly manly looking woman. I hope he’s happy that his agenda is fullfilled


I hope jimin finally fawked him…now that armys are calling him a woman 😭 that was jungc0cks main goal.


Why are all these so blurry and Photoshoped I thought they were supposed to be HD? 😭


Posts blurry edited they can push the- he look like a woman- narrative. You guys are so embarrassing

Blackpink the youtube slaves

The main event. Seoul cycle didn’t even sold out her ugly collection


Jungkook looks great, I hope it wasn’t too tedious to be there, I was glad to see him. 

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