BTS Jungkook departs for overseas schedule

1. I’m curious where Jungkook will go, but I’ll wait patiently

2. The beanie suits him so well

3. Jungkook is so cute

4. Where is he going?!

5. Where is Jungkook going?

6. Hul? Where??? He’s pretty even when he covers everything

7. But why is he leaving? Can we expect his music?

8. I’m looking forward to it, Jungkook-ah

9. Jungkook’s solo is coming soon

10. He’s so pretty. Have a safe flight and have a nice trip

11. Hul, I’m looking forward to his solo

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He is also working on his album. I wonder which one will come out first Taehyung’s album or Jungkook’s album. 


jungkook album. Kim youngdae, the popular music critics said he already listened to Jungkook song. it’s trendy pop+rnb and it is really suit jungkook.

President Xi

Please come to China, we’re #1.


I hope jk and V’s albums don’t come out to close together. Hybe don’t fuck this up for the boys


Please be safe! I can’t wait for his album~

Dot com

JJK is coming !!! omg cant wait, so excited, it’ll bring the best music, i’m sure

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