BTS Jungkook departs for Qatar on a private chartered plane

Jungkook departs for Qatar to attend the opening ceremony of ‘Qatar World Cup 2022’ held at Al Bayt Stadium, Qatar on the 20th

1. Wow I hope he does well

2. I want to see his performance soon

3. The performance will be performed by Jungkook, so why am I worried?

4. Our maknae will do well~

5. Let’s do well and I’m looking forward to this song ㅠㅠㅠ

6. Jungkook-ah, stay healthy and do well

7. Our Jungkook is amazing

8. Jungkook, you are doing so well!

9. I know he’ll do well, but I’m worried

10. Our Jungkook is doing well, so I’m looking forward to his performance. Be careful and go well!

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