BTS Jungkook has a lot of tattoos but he looks so innocent and pure

BTS Jungkook must wear a white short-sleeved T-shirt every day if he really has a conscience

His face is that of a kid, but his body, even has tattoos, so he’s just crazy

1. I love Jungkook so much

2. Ahh, we have to hide Jeon Jungkook

3. He looks so pure and innocent

4. He has a lot of tattoos, but he’s so innocent ㅠ

5. He has a lot of tattoos but I don’t feel scary at all….. He’s innocent and pure

6. He really drives people crazy…

7. Seriously, every time I see Jungkook’s picture, I go crazy

8. Oppa, are you crazy?

9. Don’t smile… I’ll die

10. Why is he always so handsome? He looks so innocent even though he has a lot of tattoos

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Are people with tattoos supposed to look scary? My former teacher has a huge tattoo on his back but he was the sweetest of them all. Even baked cookies for us on our last class. Classic case of don’t judge a book based on its cover.


In Japan back in the days, if you have tattoos that’s mean u belong in the yakuza. And yakuza is scary people. Idk about SK but I think it’s pretty much the same. So I get where they came from with the scary thing. And in my tradition, not everyone can get tattoo either. It’s symbol of bravery. Grandpa used to say, “back in my time, if you see men with tattoo that’s mean they’re a brave warriors, nowadays if you see one, it’s mean they’re horny/fvckboy” 🤣🤣

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Yeah same in my country… back in the days, only gangster use tattoos n they looks scary and intimidating. But even now more youngster n celebrities use tattoos even female artist, but that stigma (gangster=tattoos) is never gone. But for scary n intimidate one, i think it depend on people’s face lol 🤣

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I know there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding people with tattoos but couldn’t get any further with Jungkook, he is the sweetest and pure hearted idol I’ve ever seen. It’s just his charm


good morning.i LOVE this boy & everything about him.

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