BTS Jungkook has a lot of tattoos but he looks so innocent and pure

BTS Jungkook must wear a white short-sleeved T-shirt every day if he really has a conscience

His face is that of a kid, but his body, even has tattoos, so he’s just crazy

1. I love Jungkook so much

2. Ahh, we have to hide Jeon Jungkook

3. He looks so pure and innocent

4. He has a lot of tattoos, but he’s so innocent ㅠ

5. He has a lot of tattoos but I don’t feel scary at all….. He’s innocent and pure

6. He really drives people crazy…

7. Seriously, every time I see Jungkook’s picture, I go crazy

8. Oppa, are you crazy?

9. Don’t smile… I’ll die

10. Why is he always so handsome? He looks so innocent even though he has a lot of tattoos

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