BTS Jungkook in CK’s blue clothes leaves the country to attend Calvin Klein’s event

1. His legs are so long

2. I love that airport fashion and even his long hair

3. Let’s shoot a youth drama, Jungkook

4. Calvin suits him so well

5. He’s so kind to his fans

6. Calvin is perfect on Jungkook, blue and green suits him so well

7. Our Jungkook is doing so well

8. With his ponytail, he looks so innocent

9. He’s handsome just by looking at his eyes

10. It’s hard to imagine Korea without Jungkook ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

11. Blue and green suits him well, Calvin suits him well

12. As expected, he’s wearing blue jeans

13. Hul, he’s so handsome, Calvin’s clothes suit him the best

14. What event is it? Did the fans already know? There are many fans at the airport

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Oh it’s for a ck event , thought it’s music related


Who knows whats cooking 🤞🏻


It could be both, esp if it’s a project still in the works (jjk1 👀)

My Euphoria



His aura is really something, glowing and like breath of fresh air. He is so humble and gracious thats why he is well loved


I dislike the outfit but he’s the perfect model for this brand unlike my fave Hagnnie


Why is his neck so big?


Because he’s a man and not a little boy or a teenager going thro puberty anymore. You need to look beyond your bubble of just 4th gen or newer idols, since most are still growing, bc this happens to all men.


Because he works out a lot. Fat ass like you can’t relate ofc


Jungkook looking like 90s heartthrob, I’m in love.

Looks aside, I’m excited for what’s coming next. Press said about a brand event (that could be CK or any other), but it could also be music-related (JJK1, MJ rumored tribute, a new collab, or so many other options)

My impatient ass can’t wait to know what is yet to come, especially because JK is very secretive. We didn’t know about CK until it slapped our faces.

Regardless of what it is, I know I’ll be forever grateful

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