BTS Jungkook just posted a new hip-hop dance video on TikTok

1. The dancing is crazy and the editing is amazing. He’s just an artist

2. Jungkook is good at everything so I’m looking forward to his future

3. He dances so well and edits so well

4. There’s nothing he can’t do

5. He’s a dancer, he dances so well

6. He’s so talented

7. Wow, this guy is a talented genius

8. No, but he looks like a dancer. He dances so cool

9. Wow, isn’t this crazy? How can you do this, Jungkook?

10. Wow, his talent is crazy

11. No, what can’t he do?

12. That dancer is Jungkook, he’s so charming

13. He looks like a professional dancer, he’s amazing

14. I guess I’m obsessed with Jungkook

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Can we all agree jk should be promoted as main dancer?


Dammn his moves so smooth…TikToker Jk~

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