BTS Jungkook literally chewed up social media in the US, China, and Japan

Firstly, Jungkook is the #1 worldwide trends on Twitter

Jungkook was mentioned on Twitter yesterday
It was 48.8 million, not 4.88 million;

The US
1st place in the US

1st place on US Google
1st place in all categories, not just entertainment

Japan Twitter yesterday

Yahoo Japan
1st place on Yahoo!

Google Japan
1st place on Google in Japan

1st place on China Weibo trends

1. I’m not even a fan, but he’s amazing, I’m still searching for his videos

2. The video that was uploaded to FIFA’s Instagram account also has a lot of views

3. It was more chaotic in Japan and other Asian countries

4. He was so cool yesterday, I watched it with my family and I’m so proud

5. He was even hotter than the World Cupㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. I’m not a fan, but I really cheered for him yesterday

7. Numbers don’t lie, he’s amazing

8. I was surprised when I saw his stage yesterday, but there was no tension, and his facial expressions were so good

9. He’s a superstar, I wonder how great he will become in the future

10. He’s the pride of Korea

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