BTS Jungkook posted on Weverse about him being spotted at Coachella

BTS Jungkook updates Weverse

1. You’re more than a celebrity, you’re a superstar…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So cute

2. Does he really think we don’t recognize him just because he cut his bangs? He’ so cute

3. You are Jungkook of BTS

4. He doesn’t think he’s a celebrity????

5. Jeon Jungkook is so cute…

6. We can find you anywhere (interpreter and HYBE staff next to him)

7. Even if you wear a mask, a hat and cover everything, I still recognize you because you are Jungkook

8. Jungkook-ah, you’re not just a celebrity, you’re a superstar

9. The way he talks is so cute

10. It’s funny how he thinks fans won’t recognize him if he cuts his bangs

11. No, but he’s really cute. How can he be so cute?

12. I’m sorry, I should have pretended not to know

13. But you are BTS Jungkook.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

14. Jungkook is the cutest in the world!!!!!

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Color color stan

Lol you think we’re gonna be jealous of a music festival when bts get to perform at the biggest award shows? you can have cokechella 😂


lol cry harder pity one, ONLY greatest of greatest can be Headliner on Coachella, they performed there even twice.


Look at Beyonce, the most awarded grammy singer, she’s even dedicated a WHOLE movie for Coachella

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

You really think the most wellknown kpop global superstars is not proposed to performed there ? Ijbol.
There is nothing to be jealous of if you are BTS


honestly, their bodyguard just giving it away tbh cause it’s always the same guy with them everywhere so that’s why people know it’s a bts member .

Logic Thinker

The thing is that bodyguard is the toughest so that’s why they feel comfortable with him


Yeah I know and he also do his job very well in protecting bts at public events/stuffs whether it’s official or unofficial


There also nicole beside jungkook. Its very easy to spot BTS member tbh as there always pretty same people together with them.


Yeah if the members are covered in masks and hats we can just look at the bodyguards to make sure it’s BTS😭


? what’s weird about it ? you guys just be overthinking shits


He’s 25


? how is him writing a harmless weverse post and posing = act like a teen ?

uga uga

I was not talking about his post I was actually addressing people in the comments calling him childish and trying to shame him for not “acting his age”, but half of the comments are gone now so people must have deleted it (or got reported


? people can’t pout anymore


His hair was already in bangs, literally had the same haircut on all the ck posters. Wdym he cut now so fans wouldn’t recognise? 😭


the weirdos in these comments naurr 😭 oh yall REEK of bitterness

My Only Euphoria

Such a cutie!! 💕


What’s a Boba ball doing at Coachella


Cute~ BTS make so much noise even when they aren’t performing. I saw the official livestream clip of JK rocking out at Kid Laroi’s show, and I heard they met up too.

But we really missed out bc Hobi also mentioned that Becky invited him to come to perform with her but he couldn’t bc of obvious reasons. 😔


Back then he said he would wear a wig so he could go to his birthday projects made by the fans and now he thought cutting his bangs is an enough disguise 😭 we would recognize him even if he’s bald

Last edited 5 months ago by Wtv

Off topic but what an awful haircut

WhatsThe Point

Fck blinks and that bp fb with 1M followers. Yal drag him because he snatched all the achievements but crave his validation. Exposing his location to people to mob him, maybe it’s common for y’all to do that to ur faves but BTS treasure they’re privacy


even if he wear a mask people will still able to recognize him and he didn’t even wear mask yesterday so what did he expect😭😭

Jimin got yes jams

I hope he goes back to short hair, this doesn’t really suit him. But if he’s happy, then that’s all that matters 😇

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