BTS Jungkook said that he doesn’t care about his home address being leaked

BTS Jungkook “I don’t care about my home address being leaked… I think it’s fate”

1. Even though you’re a fan, why do you want to know Jungkook’s home address? I really don’t understand

2. I wish people wouldn’t be curious about the houses where celebrities live

3. The people who go to Jungkook’s house are not fans, they are just criminals

4. I don’t know where Jungkook lives and I don’t care.. I hope that he feels comfortable at home ㅠㅠ

5. Why do sasaengs live like that?

6. Living as a celebrity must be difficult

7. I feel sorry for him ㅠㅠ

8. It seems like BTS’s houses are being leaked everywhere on YouTube

9. Why are you curious about other people’s homes?

10. What kind of fans are sasaengs? They are just stalkers

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