BTS Jungkook “SEVEN” won International Song of the Year at the 2023 TikTok Awards

1. Daebak, congratulations

2. Jungkook looks like a rookie idol who just debuted

3. Congratulations to Jungkookie

4. Jungkook is so cute and handsome

5. It’s so popular on TikTok, Jungkook is amazing

6. Wow, no, but I’m even more surprised because Jungkook looks like him in 2017 in the video

7. Congratulations, Jungkook!

8. Look at Jungkook’s face, he looks so young

9. He’s like the King of TikTok

10. Congratulations to our Jungkook

11. Seven is sweeping the world, congratulations to Jungkook

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