BTS Jungkook shares his ‘SEVEN’ challenge

BTS Jungkook ‘SEVEN’ Challenge

1. The song is good, the choreography is pretty, I want to see the stage soon

2. The song is good and the choreography is really good

3. The choreography matches the song. Jungkook dances so well

4. I want to see the whole choreography

5. Wow, the choreography is not so intense but sexy

6. The song is good and the choreography is perfect

7. I’m waiting for the challenge with the members

8. The choreography is also good, from the song to the choreography and the MV are the best

9. The choreography is so good, it suits the song so well

10. Even the choreography is so good

11. Jungkook is good at everything

12. Jungkook, I know you dance well, but why are you so good??

13. His voice, dance, gestures are like a pop star

14. Hul, even the choreography is perfect, it’s crazy

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