BTS Jungkook ‘Still With You’ enters at 74th place on Melon Top 100 chart

Free song in 2020 (fan song) was released on music sites today

1. This song is really crazy

2. I love this song so much

3. When this song came out for the first time, I listened to it so many times… I hope many people will listen to it…

4. Everyone, please listen to the song a lot. The song is really good

5. It’s a masterpiece, but I hope it gets more love

6. Crazy, it’s finally on the music sites!! Everyone in the world please listen to this song

7. I’m not a fan, but YouTube Music recommended it, so I listened to it and listened to it for a few months

8. This is one of my precious songs that I listen to whenever it rains

9. It’s really perfect to listen to when it’s raining ㅠㅠ

10. Since this song came out, I’m so happy on rainy days, I really like it

11. I’m not a fan, but I accidentally listened to this song on YouTube before and loved it

12. I really like this song

13. I like this song, please listen to it once

14. Please, if you haven’t listened to it yet, please listen to it at least once. It’s so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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karmic disbandment

swy went viral on tiktok and i still see so many people use the sped up version so it always made me sad that it wasn’t on official platforms. i hope this, my you, and seven get so much more love as jungkook deserves!!!


The first joy of Jungkook’s debut, having Still with you and My you on spotify. I’m really looking forward to listening to Seven. 


jk is like opposite of ‘irrelevant’


PRE-SAVE “SEVEN” BY JUNGKOOK‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


You delusional, we are talking about jeon jungkook even maknae line are more popular that bp combined😘


Another tiktok and youtube promoted song~


One of my fav solo songs.


Bighit stole us 3 yrs of streaming swy accordingly but it’s ok, now we can stream it legally


Yep, everyone mentioning Jungkook are getting their 15 minutes of relevancy. I see you using yours here.


Now up to #31 last I heard! I love this song sm so I’m not surprised.


A 3 year old song did that. The world isn’t ready for the biggest idol know in mankind
Can’t wait for Seven!!!

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