BTS Jungkook was chosen as the ‘Most Popular Musician’, representing the world born in 1997

1. He’s a living legend

2. The stage of the World Cup opening ceremony was really impressive

3. Global representative born in 1997!! Our maknae is the best!

4. I agree

5. Jungkook is amazingㅋㅋ

6. Jungkook is the only Korean among all the musicians on the list from 1920 to 2003… Really awesome

7. His life could be made into a movie later

8. Our Jungkook is so cool

9. I support Jungkook’s wonderful life

10. Jungkook is really amazing, so cool

11. His life is legendary

12. No one can keep up with Jungkook’s career

13. It’s great that he’s the most famous 1997-born musician in the world

14. Global superstar Jungkook

15. Our Jungkook is really the best

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