BTS Jungkook was complained by neighbors for being noisy?

BTS Jungkook “I received complaints from neighbors for being noisy… From now on I can’t sing loudly anymore”

On the 25th, Jungkook did a live broadcast on Weverse

He once again apologized to the neighbors and turned down the microphone volume

1. Looks like his neighbors are in trouble

2. I thought it was a detached house or a house with good soundproofing

3. Isn’t Jungkook living in a detached house?

4. Even with soundproofing, you can still hear vibrations

5. That journalist didn’t even watch Jungkook’s live broadcast and wrote an article without thinking. The title is crazy

6. The vibration of the speaker isn’t noise?? The fans are ridiculous

7. Be careful with your neighbors in the future

8. He sang because he thought his neighbors wouldn’t hear because of the soundproofing, but he didn’t know there would be vibrations, and now he knows, he doesn’t sing anymore

9. I thought it was a detached house, but I guess not

10. He said that he doesn’t do it anymore, what’s the problem?

11. If you really hear the noise from the neighbors, that’s stressful

12. I hate vibrations more than noise

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Some of the comments get it. It’s not the noise, but the vibration. That’s why he sang without his mic.


There’s no noise because his house has soundproof. Its the vibration. He stopped doing karaoke at night after the complaint. Now..move on ! Knetz and Kmedias complained every small mistakes BTS made. Its ridiculous.


Luckily he had a lot of viewers who actually watched the live and understood what really happened. Jungkook was honest and responsible enough to admit his mistake and apologized, instead of hiding behind his company after things escalated. I don’t see how this is an issue when the complaint was direct, not through the media. If it wasn’t because of Jungkook, we wouldn’t know this in the first place. I guess the media just love to stir the pot. Like Demy said, move on.


only his neighbors know his real duck voice

Jungkook Anal

Such a disrespectful piece of shit.


He was phucking pigmin 🤣🤣


Leave jimin out of this or I’ll drag those 4hags of bp

Teenaged puppy

Drag them anyway. Whorepink deserve to be called cumrags


out here worrying about jungkook and jimin instead of worrying about blackpink STILL not selling out their stadium concerts. nor the tickets for HYDE Park. nor stade de france. priorities ig 🥰


Why do you have jennies name I your dn? Ashamed of your 7 flops? 🤣🤣


same reason why you have BlinkPink yet all your comments revolve around BTS, hope that helps!! now stop projecting just because I pointed out the fact that yall lil twinks are in everyone’s business but blackpink’s 🥱


Knowing that he’s known for going to pr0stitut3 places. It won’t be a surprise if he bought few of them. He also kept saying his shoulders and arms were hurting 🤐 I hope those women got payed well

Handsome Hyunjin

Jk is getting ugliier by the day. Even rm looks better

Last edited 11 days ago by Handsome Hyunjin

weirdos lurking around this site taking shit out of proportions and inserting themselves in bts business instead of worrying about their dozen faves. no wonder bts still at the top despite being in a hiatus for almost 1 year now 💀

at the end of the day bts will always be everyone’s main priority fr


Insane how ppl try to twist this and make it into smt it’s not. This isn’t even smt that serious.

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