BTS Jungkook was complained by neighbors for being noisy?

BTS Jungkook “I received complaints from neighbors for being noisy… From now on I can’t sing loudly anymore”

On the 25th, Jungkook did a live broadcast on Weverse

He once again apologized to the neighbors and turned down the microphone volume

1. Looks like his neighbors are in trouble

2. I thought it was a detached house or a house with good soundproofing

3. Isn’t Jungkook living in a detached house?

4. Even with soundproofing, you can still hear vibrations

5. That journalist didn’t even watch Jungkook’s live broadcast and wrote an article without thinking. The title is crazy

6. The vibration of the speaker isn’t noise?? The fans are ridiculous

7. Be careful with your neighbors in the future

8. He sang because he thought his neighbors wouldn’t hear because of the soundproofing, but he didn’t know there would be vibrations, and now he knows, he doesn’t sing anymore

9. I thought it was a detached house, but I guess not

10. He said that he doesn’t do it anymore, what’s the problem?

11. If you really hear the noise from the neighbors, that’s stressful

12. I hate vibrations more than noise

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