BTS Jungkook with great video editing skills

The first video that surprised me when I watched it

This is Suga’s happy birthday video. Is he crazy? Isn’t he so good at editing videos?

Oh my gosh, Jungkook’s video editing skills are insane and he even has his playlist on YouTube

As someone nicknamed the golden maknae, his name has gold in it

I was amazed at the video editing skills while watching it

All the scenes used in that video were shot by Jungkook himself, except for the part where Jungkook appeared

Is he the director of the music video…?

Even BTS official MV

They said he did everything from filming to editing and subtitles for the comeback teaser

1. I’m not a fan, but the video that was filmed with Jimin during their trip to Japan was legendary

2. Jungkook is really talented. There’s nothing he can’t do, he’s good at everything

3. His talent is crazy, I’m really jealous of him

4. That’s why he’s the golden maknae

5. Before TikTok, he uploaded videos that were TikTok style

6. When I watched Suga’s birthday video for the first time, I was shocked! The pictures and memes used in that video are legendary, so I think he’s really smart

7. One of the reasons why the golden maknae nickname was accepted

8. What can’t he really do?

9. I envy Jungkook’s golden hand

10. Golden maknae born with artistic talent

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