BTS Jungkook’s encore fancam video is getting a lot of views

Reached 1 million views in 3 hours

1. I keep watching it. Seriously, his live performance is amazing

2. Jungkook’s live encore is so good that I keep watching it

3. He sings well, he dances well

4. Jungkook’s live is so stable, there’s a reason why he’s world class

5. He’s so different from the member who often causes controversy, he’s so good on stage

6. Even within the same group, the skill difference is huge

7. Seriously, there’s nothing he can’t do

8. The encore stage is really interesting. The rap part is really good

9. He’s really good.. I think he’s the best solo artist of all time

10. He looks cool while dancing

11. He sings live, he dances, and he even raps, he’s f*cking good

12. Seriously.. He sings well, dances well and has a handsome face

13. He’s a stage genius, so just trust and listen to him

14. As expected, his singing skills are so stable while dancing

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