BTS Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ ranking prediction on Billboard HOT 100

Jungkook’s ‘Seven’ ranking prediction on Billboard HOT 100

1. Wow, keep going, let’s write a new record for a solo Korean male singer

2. Billboard changed the rules recently, so even though it’s said that it’s hard for K-pop idols to do well on Billboard, the prediction is good

3. Because the song is so good, I hope it stays on the charts for a long time ㅠㅠ

4. I hope Jungkook hits the daebak because he’s so good

5. Jungkook-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ You’re the best

6. Billboard still discriminates against K-pop idols?

7. When will it be confirmed?

8. I want to see him on the charts for a long time

9. I’m not a fan but this song is so good

10. Jungkook is amazing

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pretty savage

all that payola and over 10 versions just to be barely cracking the top 3 in predictions naurr beyond embarrassing but don’t you worry sweet armys scooter oppa is gonna handle it and make sure his little product will debut at #1 no worries 💜


Black pink couldn’t even crack the top 15 after doing a week of free premium streams w Spotify … who also had a clean and explicit version of their whole album and top playlist placement on new music Friday and todays top hits :/

pretty savage

no no maybe you’re onto something and the pinks should’ve also got the streams per ad deal payolakook has.. but what can we do? better to see where the magnitude of your popularity actually is instead of deluding yourself into thinking you’re some kind of superstar when 80% of your streams come from ads idk :/


Blink should be the last one to talk about spotify when their faves got tth cover n free streams but still cant even enter top20 hot100 without collab n barely got no1 bb 200 during weak week.

pretty savage

difference is that neither us nor the pinks are hiding any of the promo they get while yall pathetic little maggots are scrambling to defend the obvious.. people talking about the ads and here yall come with “it’s an edit”, “everyone is against us”, “they’re lying” excuses


It’s also funny you talk ab ads when Bp consistently uses yt ads and again offered all album streams as premium even for free users. That’s a DEALLLLL. jk is just popular. Even tho he debuted number one on US and global w 16 mil, he was at 20 on todays top hits. Yet bp w around 8 mil filtered ended up at number one in the playlist first day😂

pretty savage

did your dumb ass decide to ignore the first part of my comment? I literally mentioned that the difference between us and the pinks and yall and the frauds you stan is that we are upfront about those deals meanwhile yall are trying to gaslight people into believing the ads they get are nonexistent. you’re a whole buffoon.


They didn’t get the streams. Jk did despite not having a deal w Spotify…. His streams aren’t coming from Spotify “ads” that’s a rumor your dad sad fanbase made up LMFAO. it’s jk and lotto. They’re blinds bigger than blackpink. Time y’all realized bp as soloists OR group are not competition

pretty savage

be fucking serious?? are you really trying to gaslight me into believing I didn’t get them Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok ads despite having them boys blocked?? yall are the whole circus, most embarrassing bunch I’ve ever come across

Last edited 4 months ago by pretty savage

Bubbling under Stan’s should worry about that concert being panned by critics for being a flop and not sold out despite months of sales

pretty savage

the critics in question being a whole man going through his middle age crisis that had no business being at the concert to begin with 😭 millions of attendees during the whole tour who had nothing but praises for the pinks and here you losers go hyping the 3% that are looking for attention. birds of the same feathers.


Over 50M streams in Spotify and barely 3 days 😍
100k already sold units just in USA, there’s no other that deserves that #1 than jk


Well he sucks bongo offcourse he will debut this high

Last edited 4 months ago by Jennchild

He got 2M us spotify first day. Higher than even BTS as a group. He’s doing radio interviews which is nice since he couldnt do any night time shows bc of writer strikes. Even my friends who know nothing about bts or kpop was like “isnt this that guy on your phone? Yo the song is so good!” 😅


Blinks in the quote being bitter spreading lies. Like favs like fans. Maybe they should go to hotel with bb ceo too next time since they seem to like hanging out with spotify music and youtube ceos

pretty savage

talking about hotels while payolakook has his back blown by scooter as we speak, are you not ashamed little rat? no compassion whatsoever for what that fraud has to deal with for that kind of promo ☹️

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