BTS Jungkook’s voice is really stable

Jungkook’s voice is really stable

I don’t know why they always say that his voice is not at the level of main vocal

His voice is so good and stable

Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s like a pop singer

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1. [+465, -25] He’s famous for singing live while dancing tight choreography

2. [+416, -22] Seriously, he’s a stage master

3. [+403, -24] Was it 2018? It was the legendary ‘Fake Love’ stage on the Ellen Show, the comments all said Jungkook chewed the CDㅋㅋㅋㅋ His voice is good and his live performance is good

4. [+384, -21] His vocal skills are exceptional, vocal experts really praise him. Personally, I was surprised when I listened to Harry Styles’ Falling and Lauv’s Never Not covered by him

5. [+375, -22] Jungkook’s vocal skills are excellent, he’s the god of breath and strength control

6. [+202, -11] Even when performing live, Jungkook is praised for his voice and recognized by the singers he has worked with

7. [+202, -11] Charlie Puth also praised Jungkook’s voice a lot in interviews

8. [+176, -8] I don’t know the name of the song, but I happened to watch him sing it live without the accompaniment, and I got goosebumps as soon as I heard it..

9. [+171, -108] In the recording studio, Jungkook was recognized by Coldplay Chris

10. [+168, -7] Thank you ♡♡ Jungkook has a good voice… The only people who deny it are the haters

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