BTS members’ solo debut stages

Seriously, what’s going on..?

1. All their solo stages are seriously amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s not like they live in this world… It’s like another world

2. Wow, it’s really the same ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. The scale is crazy

4. I’m so proud of our members

5. Wow seriously, they are living legends

6. I really still can’t believe itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. J-Hope – Lollapalooza, Jin – Coldplay concert, Jungkook – The 2022 Qatar World Cup opening ceremony

8. Festival – Stadium – Stadium

9. Each member’s debut stage is legendary ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Daebak, they’re on another level

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I just hope bighit promotes their solo’s more… literally 0 playlisting and radioplay while bp solo’s get both wayy better than even bts’ korean title tracks. And the late album shipping plus the limited versions rule that only applies to bts… seriously hybe is a mess.

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BP has deals with spotify that’s why they have a lot of playlisting. Deals is not organic and the boys have said that they don’t cheat their way to the top. If you don’t have Spotify deals = no playlisting


Y’all really can’t let go of that Pop-up store and that ONE WEEK free stream (as in Blinks can stream Born Pink album without ads just like premium accounts) but that does not mean anyone can stream. I mean it won’t get any stream if no one stream it. Spotify had done it with other artists, it wasn’t only BP. Also they had a deal with BTS, both of their songs BUTTER & DYNAMITE are heavily playlisted. They promoted BTS way since 2018, they even gave Free premium accounts and had one week streaming party for Love Yourself album 😭

internet introvert

Just admit you would rather they were dolls with no input so you can have it the way you want it to be rather than the way they want it to be. The members have been very vocal about their input into their solo releases. Stop acting like BigHit would not bend over backward to kiss their own butts to please BTS. Manti behaviour is a plague upon the boys and ARMY.


yeah tbh like sometimes I think bighit is just relying on the fans on these solos , like I know the reason why all their solos are very close to each other because it looks like they are all going to enlist by next year so they can come back as a group in 2025 but a little help on playlisting helps 🤕 Like at least get them into TTH

internet introvert

In the festa dinner, they literally talked about how the kpop machine was destroying them. The extended promo, etc. Joon, with tears in his eyes, talked about how the pace was too much. And now that they have the freedom to not live in that meat grinder you guys wanna act like toddlers. You are all gross.


how is that related in what I said in my comment ? How am I asking Bighit/Hybe for playlisting is me being gross ? Why do you interpet my comment as me pressuring BTS like clearly I mentioned their company , I did not mention Jungkook, Hoseok, Namjoon , Seokjin , Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi .

I don’t even mention or force them like other fans/solos to attend those music shows , award shows , those variety shows, these music festivals because I understand and know the members themselves decide if they want to go or not .

Like I said BH making these back to back releases would cause some Armys to be burnt out from supporting these releases hence why I said putting them/giving them playlisting would help. I’m not crazy about charts/numbers that much but most Armys do care about it.

Some of you guys really takes it by the heart when some of us voicing out our discomfort or complain about the company sometimes as an attack toward the boys . Like I know some fans do overreact or their complains just absurd but damn we can’t even complain one thing about the company without other armys saying that we’re mantis or we don’t trust BTS .


Please remember that it’s pointless to compare the two as far as Spotify playlisting/label interference goes. BTS only has a barebones distribution deal here, and you won’t see them sucking up to Jeremy in a million years. They aren’t industry puppets or plants, try respecting the way they’ve decided to go about things.

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Label interference as if columbia records didn’t spend money on radio PAYOLA for Dynamite and Butter they even rented a bus going to every radio stations to have a deal with DJs lmao. JEREMY is the one who signed BLACKPINK to interscope, he was the CFO of interscope before he became the head of Spotify. It’s not BP’s fault that Jeremy is the head of Spotify now. If we go with your logic then BTS had been sucking up to those Columbia records ceo and staff.


so they can spend money on radio payola for dynamite but not for their korean releases?? even ptd did not get treated the same. did hybe go bankrupt after that or something and that’s why they didn’t have the money to get life goes on more than five spins? damn how did we not realise that


man y’all want them to be your average kpop group so bad so they can flop like your other faves huh. well that isn’t going to happen. all the members are very involved in their promo and how they want their albums to be released and they’ll do it however they want to. they don’t need to pull dirty tricks like payola and selling 20+ versions to try and mimic success. they have actual worthy achievements to show for that

WhatsThe Point

Can’t wait for what joon has in store for us


i’m really curious what would be the other 4 members’ solo stages

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