BTS official Instagram update (Jungkook ‘Seven’ poster is plastered around the world)

Pictures taken by fans

1. On the 14th, Jungkook’s solo song ‘Seven’ will be released

2. There are vibes that you can’t see in Korea ㅠㅠ

3. The Eiffel Tower and the payphone in London moved me

4. Looks like it can appear anywhere there are postersㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. What about Korea?

6. The poster was chosen very well. I really like the picture of that chair

7. I like the feeling that the poster is a little crumpled

8. I like the vibes of those pictures

9. Those pictures are so beautiful

10. Jungkook ‘Seven’ is everywhere in the world

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obvious favourite member with company support 🫢


Well he is the most famous so


You mean taehyung lol


These posters is the only promo for Seven and you’re telling him he’s the company’s favourite? I don’t think Hybe cares about ANY bts member. If the company had a favourite, at least one of our members would have promos, advertisements or a great era. I think you’re a bts member’s solo stan cuz you don’t know how shitty all our members’ solo eras are. And it’s all thanks to the hybe 🤭


I think you’re mamager anti bc tf!!?? Howbshtty members sllo eras have been? The insult that each member worked hard to plan? Youbneed tl go back and watch their documentaries and not be a dumb roach


Well rm and jhope need to pay their events with their own money….that shithybe cant even spend money on that small and cheap events. They only promote taehyung show after tae solo stan mass email them lol. What make you think they want to invest on otheer member. They only care abt their fav aka pigmin and nosekook


I don’t think you know how their relationship works. They do have to pay and company will do the work, then the profit will be shared. That’s why they have different promos, Suga even mentioned he paid for his MVs, Hobi getting hurt because fans don’t like his album not being physical. That’s just the thing. Idols have to pay. If they don’t have money yet like rookies, those will be their debts. That’s why you can see idols saying they are finally getting paid after years becoming idol. Part of it was because of their age but most of it was because they are still in debt with the company. The company did not sign them so they can cover the expenses and then share the profit. Idols have to pay as well.


Hes not even debut yet and hes already being promoted worldwide. You are blind af lol. Other member cant even get a bare minimum. He even got digital store on the day his solo news was announced. Other member got those after 2 weeks. Jhope didnt even got any digital store for MORE lol


BTS extend their record as the Artist with the most Korean Music Show Wins in history (164)

#TakeTwo3rdWin #BTS164thWin


PRE-SAVE “SEVEN” BY JUNGKOOK‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

WhatsThe Point

The promo are insane 🤣


Damn. Anyone who deny that hybe didnt has their own fav are blind af lol. At the end, every company have their own fav and didn’t care abt other member. Just like the fandom too. The ‘ot7’ and ‘love all member equally’ are just for aesthetic lol

Fuck you

He know he need to show his body to sell his music since hes the weakest main vocalist in kpop lol. If he in sm grp, he will be their sub vocalist lol

Teenaged puppy

Don’t y’all get tired of spouting this same bullshit.

The strongest singer isn’t necessarily the best singer for a group. Groups have a “sound” and identity and because you can hit high notes in a studio doesn’t mean your sound makes you a top tier vocalist or singer. Like at the Supremes… Diana was not the best vocalist in that group but her’s was the one that fit the sound of the group and time era. Justin wasn’t the best vocalist in *NSYNC nor was Beyoncé in Destiny’s Child so I don’t know who y’all tryna drag by saying this tired crap every two business days.

Fuck you

Yawn. Army always use ‘unique tone’ to defend their talentless vocalist lol. Even this guy know hes a weak vocalist af and bts strength is their rap line lol. Mf really bring those talented western artist that 1000 miles better than her midkook to defend midkook weak af techniques lol. Army really give midkook a main pop boy or whatever title when his most successful song is Charlie puth’s song lol. His fifa song is flop. His stan really think he can become the next shakira lol

Teenaged puppy

I ain’t read allat. I’m so serious.

Meanwhile no one is listening to your to your bland trot singers that debuted in a kpop group and that’s why y’all mad at BTS. Not our fault we have interesting and engaging singers and your group’s vocal tones are as interesting as watching paint dry.

Fuck you

Mf cant provide what good vocal techniques that her fav have since they are horrible af lol. Its boring af to see vocal tone comments lol. Funny af to see army dragged midpink vocalist when both grp are same. Both have horrible voice. And their fandom always use ‘unique vocal tone’ to defend their talentless fav. Both of you are same af lol. The only diff is midpink fandom never lie that their fandom is just bunch of solo stan lol


“What about Korea?”

Like y’all gonna stream anyway. International fans have been doing the heavy lifting for years.

Teenaged puppy


Last edited 4 months ago by Teenaged puppy
Fuck you

International fans is only streaming cheap typical pop song only. So, yall are no diff. Yall only use their hip hop and ballad song for fannwar when majority of you love horrible pop song aka dynamite, butter, left & right and like crazy lol. Midkook song are going to be loved by yall since he also love cheap horrible pop song. Justin Bieber is his idol lol

Teenaged puppy

Kpop hags can’t be real.

This is what happens when sibling attraction goes too far folks…


Nothing to be surprised. He and fatmin are hybe fav lol


When it’s V time to go solo and he receives the same treatment, I’ll make sure to drag the hell outta him


Lol here comes the real privilege brat our next Flop jungloo. Without showing body his songs are definitely not going to work.

Last edited 4 months ago by Jennchild

I won’t even bother to read comments bc i know there are some jealous people but I LOVE seeing JK posters all around the world

It’s giving CK promotional billboard ads vibes and I’m here for it

Rumor has it, these are the countries jk may go touring 👀 let’s wait and see


I definitely like the aesthetics he used with this kind of promotion, esp with how it leans more into an urban art-esque style and stays bare minimum
on the branding.

Certainly doesn’t annoy me the way some corporations do when doing the same type of wild posting (particularly with how they plaster their brand/logo like we’re not already tired of seeing them everywhere else).

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