“BTS really failed” There’s no difference with Stray Kids and Seventeen

BTS really failedㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1st place has no difference with 2nd and 3rd placeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+29, -236]

1. [+183, -2] So why can’t your idols beat BTS?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This year BTS didn’t even have many activities

2. [+139, -2] Ah.. You must be jealous.. Even if they fail, they are the #1…

3. [+129, -2] BTS 1 comeback Proof (2 versions) / Stray Kids 3 comeback Oddinary (3 versions + 8 gem versions), Circus (1 version), Maxident (2 versions + 8 gem versions) / Seventeen 2 comeback Face the Sun (5 versions + Carat ver 13 versions), Sector 17 (2 versions + Compact ver 17 versions)

4. [+120, -0] I’m a fan of another group passing by, but if BTS fails, don’t your idols fail too? I get annoyed every time I see a post like this

5. [+85, -2] Even if they failed, they still did the bestㅋㅋ

6. [+37, -0] They couldn’t even beat BTS who came back with a song for the fans, so who failed?

7. [+36, -0] Well, BTS failed so the government will issue their commemorative stamps

8. [+27, -0] Even if BTS fails, if they’re still #1, what about the kids below them?

9. [+23, -0] What’s even more surprising is that it’s been 9 years and they’re still #1 in the world;;;

10. [+22, -0] They got so many Daesangs even though they only released one compilation album this yearㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+20, -0] Look at the year-end chart for 2022

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Guest 2

JYP push the next bts agenda failed 🤣


Their album spotify stream even half than jhope jitb lmao. Whats next BTS. Also once maknae line release their album, kpop fans n kmedias gonna even more hit by reality on how so powerful BTS members solos are.


Don’t forget Suga! That guy can also bring lots of “damages”


But still mystery which name will he use? Is it SUGA? AGUST D or Black hairAGUST D? According to Yoongi in vlive 2020 there’s another name for Black Hair Agust D and he will tell us more about him in his next mixtape. 👀


Another persona? Does that mean another Spotify account too? 😭


As expected antis try to drag BTS using 181982 versions to beat BTS 2022 1 new album with only 2 versions this year lmao. Their collector version not even count for chart. Jype especially try so hard to beat BTS this year sales with so many cb and having tons of versions. Kmedias also ready to hype other groups. Then, they got hit by reality again when actual results, impact come out, its bts again lmao.


jyp really wants them to be bts 2.0 yet no one cares about them in their own country 😭


Also nobody in the world but their fans listen to the music. 😭 even before BTS was selling millions of copies of each album, people who weren’t fans were praising songs like I Need U and Blood Sweat and Tears. Their music is awful though.


The way their fans act like they love them for their music then you see their streams 😂


Been saying since that article came out about a big3 company created a task force on BTS, that it was JYP all along. Superm could have fooled us but this bgs excessive mediaplay proves it


for real 😂

WhatsThe Point

3.. [+129, -2] BTS 1 comeback Proof (2 versions) / Stray Kids 3 comeback Oddinary (3 versions + 8 gem versions), Circus (1 version), Maxident (2 versions + 8 gem versions) / Seventeen 2 comeback Face the Sun (5 versions + Carat ver 13 versions), Sector 17 (2 versions + Compact ver 17 versions)

Spilled lmao, these kpop groups make so many versions desperate to break a particular record of BTS while BTS stay reducing their versions.
Also let’s talk abt how organic BTS is, their streams match their sales unlike these grps who only have sales and no song is known. Their stans bulk buy their albums and leave them on the road after taking out the pcs.


let’s also add how Proof “standard” is more than double the price for their “standard”


the collector edition was +200$ & despite all the complains sold out & it didn’t even count on anything.they made more money with that somehow merch than the whole album sales of those gps.

Last edited 5 months ago by roza

& yet bts still n1 😂


Same energy with what yg trying to do with midpink tour. They wanted to beat BTS record so much they did above 30 shows in arenas with expensive tickets and cheap performances 😌

Last edited 5 months ago by Guest

LOL, aren’t these girls trying too hard? They were begging people to buy their albums too… kkkkkk biggest gg begging others to buy their albums, what a story.


If BTS failed, basically everyone in the music industry must’ve really flopped this year. That’s it, ppl! Pack your bags. Music is dead now.


the kpop industry will finally have their reality check next year while armys are going to have fun with yoongi & maknae solo releases.


This is such a clickbait post lol the way I know this is a set-up.


Except so many stray kids Stans are this delusional 😭


They only look on the surface but we know how they reached those numbers anyway 😂


Kpop industry need to disappear atp. Bts failed?? Then the whole kpop screwed. The one group who cant even chart in their own country talk too much.


Tbh even though skz is 2nd here they have less mainstream relevance than seventeen 😭 they really have no real impact or even known by the gp the only thing driving them is sales


they don’t even chart in Korea. 💀 get on the charts before speaking lmaoooo


the way bts only have one cb this year and only two versions of album , that’s very impressive , most of the groups there have 3-4 versions then they add the store’s benefits which is a different exclusive pc for each store.

Make this kind of post again when your group doesn’t depend on fans that bulk buying the same 3-4 versions for exclusive photocards that comes from different stores ☝🏻


“bts failed”

they released ONE really expensive album with only 2 versions and a song for the fans this year. However, they charted and sweeped majority of the daesangs.

They’re Koreas national treasure.

other groups will never come close to the impacts they have made.

bts paved the way

Last edited 5 months ago by doveylovey

try harder with 50+ versions next time maybe these nugus will surpass them lol


Just so y’all know, BTS did that with only 1 album with 2 versions. 🫢

they’ll never touch the success bts has.


No. 11 🤭🔥


Well…. the ones below them did that with multiple comeback and album versions, while bangtan with only 1 comeback, a fans song, and 2 version of anthology album, and they’re still at the #1 place. Imagine, if bangtan did the same…. just worry about your idols.

But I wasn’t done…

So they’re just gonna act like these other groups didn’t massively inflate their sales and comebacks to try and match BTS with one comeback and two versions. Realistically BTS wiped the floor with everyone on the list and it’s not even close.


BTS with one cb and only two versions. Other groups are like 5 comebacks and 50 versions bffr. A day will come when laws will be passed on the num er of versions and bulk buying and i. Annot wait to see kpop flop without mass buying. Lets heal the planet from all the trash


3. [+129, -2] BTS 1 comeback Proof (2 versions) / Stray Kids 3 comeback Oddinary (3 versions + 8 gem versions), Circus (1 version), Maxident (2 versions + 8 gem versions) / Seventeen 2 comeback Face the Sun (5 versions + Carat ver 13 versions), Sector 17 (2 versions + Compact ver 17 versions)

BTS just released an anthology of repeated songs with 2ver & considering the huge difference between their album price with others,actually it’s embarrassing they couldn’t sell more till now.& they had 3 albums this year!?!?i heard they’re having another this month!?lmao the desperation


nah, the real fraud is svt. how are you selling like 20 versions of the same damn album with 300pcs


13 VERSION??? 17 VERSION??? that’s a lot


BTS Proof = 2 versions
Other group albums = 1M versions.
And even then you can’t touch Bangtan.

P.S: We know those albums are trash, but you don’t need to throw them away, it’s not the environment’s fault that your bands’ music is trash. 

Lazy Banana

Like… Isn’t this more a proof of how BTS wiped the floor with these kpop idols lol. BTS released ONE album and still sold more than the second, SKZ, who has THREE comebacks. It gets more embarrassing when you find out BTS’ album is much more expensive than the other idols 💀

Stop being delusional Kpop stans. Enter Melon Top100 first ffs.

Gdragon Dara era

What’s even more amazing is BTS selling that with their old discography not even new.


SKZ might not be doing well in South Korea’s charts but they definitely do rising in the west. They are the second best selling Kpop group next to BTS. (pure sales). Their US fandom is getting bigger.


where? 😂 their 2nd week sales in the usa are pure tragic & can’t chart


not to mention their streams. takes a lot of cheek to say they are rising in the west.


Rising in the west is just a bb 200 no.1 album after fourth year of their debut. So yeah. Just dream bangtan’s success 😂

Gdragon Dara era

I am a 2nd gen stan and BTS’s performance this year surprised me a lot. Like They basically sold All that for their Old discography. They barely releases anything new or promoted it this year. Still They are pulling 5M+ sales that other group’s are only able to attain through selling Many Albums with multiple versions and lot of promotions speaks a lot.

Like I thought Seventeen will be the boygroup that perform better than BTS this year because HOT, Darling, Dream so on were promoted on Tiktok and shows a Lot… But looks like This year’s Top Boygroup songs are still Still Life and Yet to come. Like there is a huge difference between BTS and other groups… I seriously don’t understand why anyone need to compare.
I am saying all this cause I saw some Stays and Carats mocking ARMYs saying they are insecure by posting all those Posts on different versions… Like why would ARMYs need to be insecure? Look at how much BTS is selling with just Old music… It just means they are gaining way more fans than others.


Somebody was pressed when they made this post lol


anyway, these are cumulative sales for all their albums being sold this year including their older albums. so that means more than 1-3 albums for each group


Sorry but with #2 #3 monthly spotify listeners combined, they can’t even reach half of BTS’s numbers, which just proves fans mass buying for PCs


& yet bts still n1 😂😂 which is funny


bts are n1 wtf! 😂😂😂
so n1 failed but n2 or 3 are doing well!
what type of logic is this???


OP wished their fave ‘failed’ like Bangtan. U see, this 5 millions are sum of old & new albums. BTS had 1 cb (which means 1 album) that sold 3+millions, thats mean another 2 millions are from their old albums. While the non BTS groups had multiple cb and had the same figures with BTS 1 cb. Meaning, barely anyone buy their old albums. Had BTS do 2 cb this year, I’ll say their sales is about 8-9 millions. If BH do the MOTS7/Persona album version, they cn rake up to 10mil 🤷‍♀️


Yeah our flop kingtan creating new records every year 🤭


Then minutes later thousands of your fav albums found in the trash can or lying around the street

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