BTS RM makes fans of other groups love and respect him after reading his interview

BTS RM answers the question “Are you tired of the K-tag?”

The full translated interview courtesy of btscharts_spain

1. His thoughts are so deep and mature, he’s so smart

2. I’m not a fan, but he’s seriously daebak, I think he’s the best idol ever

3. I’m not a fan, but I’m so proud of him as a Korean!!!

4. I’m not kidding, but RM and Suga’s interviews really made me look at myself

5. Namjoon-ah, I love and respect you so much

6. There is so much to learn from him and he always makes me want to be a better person

7. Obviously he’s so smart, even if he’s not my idol, I respect him as a Korean

8. Kim Namjoon is daebak, I really respect him

9. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I’m really proud of him as a Korean

10. I am proud that the leader of BTS is Namjoon, I am proud that Namjoon is Korean and I am proud that the BTS members are all Korean. I’m so proud of BTS

11. As expected from our leader ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Namjoon-ah, let’s build your own country ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. There’s a lot of comments and it’s great that fans of other groups also love and respect RM

13. Namjoon always makes me proud as a fan. Thank you for always being our leader

14. The real leader plays a big role in raising the group’s status

15. Wow, I don’t really care about RM, but after reading the interview, I can see that he’s really smart.. I respect him

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Saint Seungri

Wow realy, now im respect the rat monster its true 🙂 hhh


ya mama


и опять это ты, ебнутая на BTS фанатка наркоши


не ожидала увидеть тут русский язык))


BRING BACK DISQUS, this site is full of trolls.


Why would you respect him?ppl like you should go live with seungri and work with him in prostitution industry. Good luck. Tell your father to wear condom so that we dnt have another bitch like you🥰


stfup seungri fan 💩

Hi, I'm Guest

The interviewer doing a good job, doing their research & asking good questions that is not something shallow like, “who you want to collab with?” and ofc, we love Namjoon’s sexy brain & mind

Last edited 13 days ago by Hi, I'm Guest

I also dont like design that have big logo. Its fine to have one logo but to being plastered all of shirt, with duplicating the logos, for me, its look tacky. I am into minimalistic design. For RM, he may into simple clothing now, but his clothing actually probably most expensive one haha. He seem liking japanese brand but those actually very expensive. So, i can see why he likes bottega venega. Heard that brand well known for old money. And if you see actual very rich people in the world, they dont usually really wear brands that have big logos.


Honestly I really didnt notice how the ultra rich hates wearing big logos brands until I start working with one of them, my boss says that its actually tacky and it makes you look one of those people who suddenly got rich and just brought everything to flaunt their newly found wealth.


I actually think when BSH gets old, he could even pass down Hybe to Namjoon. Hybe in Namjon’s lead would be much better seriously


Definitely, RM is taking business related major for his masters degree too. I think he’s being groomed to take over Hybe one day. Or at least Big Hit.

dot com bubble

Reading his answers is really refreshing, they’re honest and direct. That’s why some kpoppies on Twitter are mad cause glass houses and stones and what not. BTS really got a perfect leader in Namjoon.


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I liked the interview, it was different from the usual and Namjoon answered in a very refreshing and open manner. The members look more free in this chapter 2 and I love it. 




I’m always impressed by Joon’s thought processes. It’s esp notable at how much he’s grown and expanded in his world viewpoint. He really makes me look forward to whatever undertaking he makes.

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