BTS RM on the cover of Vogue June issue

1. The first photo is so pretty

2. Namjoon is so cool

3. I’m looking forward to Kim Namjoon in his 30s ㅠ

4. RM, who always makes my heart flutter, is already cool from the first photo

5. It suits RM’s aura so well

6. Kim Namjoon is so handsome

7. The concept is so good, it suits him so well

8. Kim Namjoon is crazy!!

9. RM seems to be getting better and better

10. Namjoon, when will the country be built?

11. Wow, her aura is crazy

12. Wow I really like the first photo, the vibe is perfect

13. The concept photo suits RM so well

14. Namjoonie is so cool!!

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