BTS RM received a certificate of merit from the Department of Cultural Heritage

RM received a certificate of merit from the Department of Cultural Heritage

RM Instagram Story

1. He really deserves it

2. Wow Namjoon is amazing

3. Namjoon is so cool

4. Honestly, he always posts the exhibitions he attends on Instagram and raises money himself, he’s awesome

5. This is why I love him, it’s great that he is always interested in cultural properties

6. Kim Namjoon, please build your own country

7. I really like Namjoon’s personality ㅠㅠ

8. King Namjoon

9. Namjoon not only donates, but also has a great influence on the promotion of Korean cultural assets and Korean arts both domestically and internationally

10. Namjoon, please become the king of my country

11. Our Namjoon is sincere to Korean arts and cultural assets ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. Daebak, let’s build your own country ㅠㅠ

13. He’s cool, he has a lot of money and he’s so talented

14. RM deserves it

15. RM is the coolest person in the world

16. Wow, our Namjoon is cool, congratulations

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He’s gonna be Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism one day lmao


If he wasn’t in BTS i feel like he would make an actually good politician


Didnt he said that his parents wanted him to work for the government back then


It was being a businessman, he said on jimmy fallon interview on 2020


he deserve to be the president of south korea insted of yoon


Namjoon is a collector too. I won’t be surprise if one day he will open his own art gallery with all his personal collection.

WhatsThe Point

He did mention that he wants to open an exhibition


Yeah he mentioned that in the podcast


Congratulations namjoonie, you deserve it


He should build his own country so he can get the respect and acknowledgment he deserves. But it’s great that he got this, hope he and bts get a lot more accolades


Joon does a lot to promote and preserve Korean art and culture that he seriously deserves this acknowledgement. He does way more than I’m used to seeing celebs do, from visiting and promoting museums and art galleries and supporting local artists to collaborating with galleries/artists and directing funds to the preservation of his country’s historical items overseas (I’m more appreciative of that last one after seeing John Oliver’s segment on museums and the messed up practices the major ones will do with items from other cultures). And not to mention how much he promotes and supports literary works as well.

With his in-depth knowledge and interest in music, art, history, philosophy, language, and literature, he’s basically your classic Renaissance man.


He is one of the people who introduced his country best. Indeed, the influence of namu in promoting korean culture is unbelievable. He deserves all the love 💕


Perfect in every way✨

But I wasn’t done…

No limits to what he can do

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